The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

Da Vinci Baristas: Open at Last

Madeleine Perez, Reporter May 30, 2023

Da Vinci Baristas finally opened in May 2023. What had originally begun as a Da Vinci Design project under the Entrepreneurship pathway has now become a reality.  The opening of the cafe has been...

Where is the DVC Class of 2023 Headed?

Ava Atkins and Kaitlyn Gomez May 17, 2023

As the school year wraps up, seniors are on their way out the door as they finish their last few moments of high school. We wanted to memorialize these last few weeks by asking some of our classmates who...

Has TikTok Culture Promoted a Standard of Casual Hostility?

Maceo Cespedes, Reporter May 3, 2023

TikTok has made a meteoric rise in the past few years, and alongside it, an increasingly hostile, unsafe and restrictive public environment. TikTok’s short-form video platform instead creates an...

College App Advice for the Class of 2024: Student Perspective

Chloe Orti and Lora Chang April 25, 2023

College application season has finally ended for the Class of 2023 DVC seniors. Now that we have a second to breathe as college decisions roll in, the current class of seniors can take a moment to reflect...

Maternity Leave in the U.S.A.

Kaitlyn Gomez and Ava Atkins April 21, 2023

Maternity leave is a time when women are able to take time off of work to take care of their newborn babies. This is a time when these new mothers are able to spend time recovering after childbirth.  An...

DECA Takes on SCDC

Madeleine Perez, Reporter April 14, 2023

Da Vinci Communications offers plenty of real world application experiences through its pathways. This is especially prevalent through a program featured within the marketing pathway, the Distributive...

Russian Immigrants in the USA

Zlata Pavlova, Reporter March 24, 2023

Most people from Russia want to move to America, but when they start living here, their opinion changes. Moving is always hard, especially to another country where everything seems different.  Other...

The State of College App Competition

Kaitlyn Gomez, Reporter March 6, 2023

With seniors at DVC finishing their college applications and receiving their admission notices from different schools, it is important for students to remember that colleges tend to be harder to get...

How Does DVC Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Ava Atkins, Reporter March 1, 2023

  Valentine’s Day is often portrayed in our favorite movies and TV shows as a romantic holiday filled with roses, candlelight dinners, and big grand gestures. Just like many other aspects...

College App Advice for the Class of 2024: Teacher Perspective

Lora Chang and Chloe Orti February 23, 2023

  Each year, DVC teachers and counselors watch as seniors tackle their college applications. Now that the Class of 2023 has completed their applications, the staff can reflect on this past...

Having Children and Growing the Population: Then vs. Now

Ny Young, Copy Editor February 16, 2023

Throughout time, having children has been the thing to do for a variety of reasons ranging from survival and financial stability to familial pressure and maturity. These days though, having children is...

Breaking a Pattern at DVC

Seba Mohamed, Reporter February 16, 2023

Students at DVC have felt a lack of equality when it comes to the opportunities where they can be chosen for leadership roles. They believe that this could be due to not being close enough with a teacher...