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The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

Two Major Anime Productions Severely Underpay Voice Actors

Maceo Cespedes, Reporter December 2, 2022

Bang Zoom! Entertainment and Crunchyroll, the dubbing house and simuldub streaming platform behind multinational hit supernatural action-dramady Mob Psycho 100, recently found themselves at the center...

Smile Review

Vanessa Diaz, Reporter November 28, 2022

As the public demand for films increases, the horror industry seems to be quite popular, especially the new film that came out on Sept. 30, “Smile”. With multiple horror/slasher films being released...

Review on Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Laura De Luna, Reporter November 23, 2022

Warning: For more sensitive readers, this is a trigger warning that the next few paragraphs will include graphic details about murder, dismemberment, and severe sexual assault.   “Monster:...

Elden Ring: Review

Micah Sessions, Reporter May 17, 2022

Although it won’t be everyone’s favorite game from studio Fromsoftware, the sheer scale and breadth of content alone present in Elden Ring justifies the asking price for any fans of Dark Souls,...

Why is Every Body Looking?

 Faye Cooper, Photo and Video Editor April 22, 2022

The book Every Body Looking by Candice Iloh is a masterful piece of literature that has unique features and positive portrayals of black female femininity. The main character, Ade, is the oldest daughter...

The Fall of What Could Have Been: The Book of Boba Fett

Ryan Romero, Reporter March 30, 2022

“The Book of Boba Fett” is a sci-fi TV series that was first announced in December of 2021. Its first episode premiered on the 29th of that very month, exclusively released by only one streaming platform,...

LSU Tigers Dance Team for the Win

Reign Brown, Reporter February 22, 2022

The LSU Tigers Girls Dance Team recently won the 2022 Nationals after the school refused to send them the previous year. The LSU Tigers Girls dance team was established back in 1999 and is still carrying...

The Salt Eaters Bookshop Bringing Black Literature To Inglewood

Faye Cooper, Photo & Video Editor February 15, 2022

Asha Grant, a black woman born in Inglewood, created a bookstore called The Salt Eaters. It is now open Thursday-Sunday from 11a.m.-5p.m.Grant is a Spelman University graduate who found herself...

Solar Ash Review: Kinetic, Kinesthetic, and Magnetic

Micah Sessions, Reporter February 9, 2022

    Solar Ash is an undeniably smooth game. From its effortless platforming to its breathtaking visuals that match even the best of Studio Heart Machine’s previous project, Hyper...

Louis Vuitton SS22: “VIRGIL WAS HERE”

Troi Harvey, Reporter February 7, 2022

  Nov. 28, 2021, was the day the world lost not only an influential figure in the fashion industry, but also someone who inspired the youth, helped his peers and was a friend to many. The 41-year-old...

Netflix’s Squid Game: Is this a Game or Real Life

Troi Harvey, Reporter October 20, 2021

The critically acclaimed show, Squid Game hasn’t even been out for a month and it is the most watched Netflix series in dozens of countries. According to Frank Pallotta, a CNN reporter, “The series...

The Magic and Cinematic Mastery of Hayao Miyazaki

Isabella Gallardo, Reporter October 7, 2021

From flying castles of magic, rust and machinery, to ocean princesses and aeronautical engineers, 80-year old master storyteller Hayao Miyazaki has never ceased to amaze and captivate audiences everywhere...