Louis Vuitton SS22: “VIRGIL WAS HERE”


Nov. 28, 2021, was the day the world lost not only an influential figure in the fashion industry, but also someone who inspired the youth, helped his peers and was a friend to many. The 41-year-old designer, Virgil Abloh, passed away due to a rare form of cancer. 

On Nov. 30, 2021, the world got to take a final look and pay tribute to the late Abloh’s Louis Vuitton SS22 (Spring/Summer 2022) collection. Held at the Marine Stadium in Miami, Abloh’s last collection displayed various looks incorporating bright colors, mix-matched prints, and different textures.

 Abloh, the multi-hyphenate Black Designer, was the first Black man to have the title as the Creative Director of the famous French luxury house of Louis Vuitton

Abloh started off with his own brand formerly known as Pyrex Vision, now known as Off-White. With the Milan-based streetwear brand on the rise, a spotlight was put on Abloh in the fashion world. Known for his literary fashion pieces with huge quotation marks, Abloh’s creativity changed the world of fashion forever. 

The collection hosted around 80 looks, which took on the theme of “streetwear meets high fashion.” Abloh did a great job meshing the two different styles, as they are polar opposites. The garments with brighter colors contrasted each other perfectly, in a way that wasn’t clashy, but enhanced the overall look. On the other hand, the garments with muted/core colors were simple, yet effective. They brought a minimalist look to the collection but still drew attention to the eye. 

Abloh was not only a genius in the selection of colors for his looks but also the way they looked on the models. Each one of the looks fell perfectly on the model’s body, even though draping, layering, and tailoring are difficult when custom-making pieces. There was also a great amount of versatility. For example, skirts on men, models wearing snow boots with shorts, and models carrying handmade luggage. There were no limits to Abloh’s creative ability, and that is why he was so valued as a designer. 

As far as the setting and the overall ambiance of the show, the open beachy, outside space of Miami was a great way to remember Abloh’s last collection. Viewers were able to watch the Miami sky light up with lights and fireworks with various images, one of which displayed the phrase “Vigril was here.” The show also featured a giant-sized statue of Abloh, that attendees could take pictures with and really feel how big of an impact Abloh left behind. 

One of his most remembered works, and truly an unforgettable night in the fashion industry.