Balenciaga Pays Tribute to Ukraine at FW22 Fashion Show

Denma Gvasalia (known as Denma), a world-renowned fashion designer, caught the world’s attention with the Balenciaga FW22 (Fall/Winter 2022) show, not only showcasing what the brand has been working on, but paying tribute to Ukraine. As a refugee, Denma, Balenciaga’s creative director, knew the feeling of the people of Ukraine, and wanted to have the show while paying tribute as well. 

Denma expressed this heart-wrenching message while on a phone call to Vogue,“Personally, I have sacrificed too much to war. This past week is bringing back all the memories that my mother and I put away in a box, and never looked at. We never got over it.” 

To kick-off the show, blue and yellow Ukraine-flag T-shirts were laid on audience chairs, printed with a statement from Denma, concluding that ‘In the end love must win’. Shortly after guests were seated, Denma’s voice filled the auditorium with an encouraging message in the Ukrainian language, with no translation. Over the phone Denma told Vogue, “It would be understood by those who need to hear it”.

The show took place in a glass rotunda, as a simulation of a giant snow globe. Originally the show had been inspired by Denma’s focus on climate change, but evolved into something greater overtime. The models were seen walking head on through strong winds and snow, inside the glass rotunda. This was a re-creation of Denma’s escape as a refugee, acknowledging the different things he was exposed to, being only a barefoot child hiking uphill on mountains. 

Balenciaga’s FW22 show hosted sixty-nine looks that screamed “minimal-luxury streetwear”, in a subtle way. Most of the looks were black garments, though there were pops of colors like yellow, red, white, and blue. With staple pieces like knife boots, trash bags, body-con draped garments, and goggle glasses. Though every look is sleek, the detail can be clearly seen with the way the clothes are placed on each model. Balenciaga continues to hold up to the brand’s values, and Denma’s vision of future forward fashion.

With Balenciaga becoming a staple in fashion, due to its simplistic luxury, the future is looking bright for the brand. With Denma’s innovativeness and society’s constant evolution Balenciaga has proved itself as a brand to keep up with the way of the world. 

The show needs no explanation,” Demna said in the notes. “It is a dedication to fearlessness, to resistance, and to the victory of love and peace.”