The Vitruvian Post

2018-2019 Staff

Kayla Mitchell


Kayla Mitchell is a senior at Da Vinci Communications and is the Editor-in-Chief of The Vitruvian Post. She enjoys listening to music and volunteering in her community. With dreams of attending Howard University in Washington...

Samin Champion

Managing Editor

Samin is a senior at DVC and the Managing Editor for the Vitruvian Post. Samin enjoys reading comics, Watching movies, listening to music, working out and spending time with his best friend Chris. Samin wants to attend college a...

Vanessa Hernandez

Photo and Video Editor

Vanessa Hernandez is a Senior at Da Vinci Communications as well as one of the Multimedia and Humans of DVC Editor. Vanessa enjoys spending her free time with friends and her dog. She hopes after high school she is able to cont...

Lesley Rodriguez

Photo and Video Editor

Lesley Rodriguez is a senior at Da Vinci Communications and she is a photo and video editor. She enjoys taking pictures on her free time and being surrounded by people that make her happy. She is happy that this is a student-ru...

James Skinner

Web Editor

James Skinner is a senior at Da Vinci Communications and is one of the Web-Editors of The Vitruvian Post. He spends most of his free time watching sports and playing video games.

Jaylene Maldonado

Web Editor

Jaylene Maldonado is a Junior at Da Vinci Communications High School and one of the Web Designers for The Vitruvian Post.

Geovani Espinoza

Social Media Editor

Geo is a junior and the social media editor for the Vitruvian Post. He is very involved in the school community and tries his best to help wherever he can. Whenever Geo isn’t working on the Vitruvian Post you can find him leading b...

Hailey Reyes

Copy Editor

Hailey Reyes is a junior and Copy Editor for the vitruvian post at DVC. She thinks writing for the vitruvian post will help her step out of her comfort zone. She wants to be able to speak out about important topics and create...

Daniela Calderon

Staff Writer

Daniela Calderon is a Junior at DVC. She transferred here from MCHS and spends her free time drawing in her sketchbook or daydreaming. She enjoys writing and hopes her time at the Vitruvian post will be both fun and educationa...

Sophia Szekely

Staff Writer

Sophia is a Senior at DVC. She helps lead the Pink and Lavender club and is passionate about animals, poetry, and music. Writing for the Vitruvian Post is something she’s really proud of and she can't wait to see it grow....

Vienna Perez

Staff Writer

Vienna Perez is a junior at Da Vinci Communications. She plays soccer and is a dancer on DVPC. She is very outgoing and loves to do things out of her comfort zone. Being a staff writer caused her to do something she enjoys but ...

Daphne Piña

Staff Writer

Daphne Piña is a junior at DVC. She tends to spend the majority of her time taking care of her baby brother, but when she isn’t taking care of her baby brother she enjoys going out on adventures. Being apart of the Vitruvian...

Jordan Foster

Staff Writer

Jordan Foster is a junior at DVC.  His role in Journalism is being a staff writer for the Vitruvian Post. He has lived in L.A his whole life and doesn't often travel as much as he wants to. In his free time he likes to play basketball...

Kalista Richards

Staff Writer

Kalista Richards is a junior at Da Vinci Communications and a Staff Writer of The Vitruvian Post. She enjoys volunteering at animal shelters and babysitting kids. She dreams on having her own animal sanctuary to protect animals...

Kaiya Alsobrook

Staff Writer

Kaiya is a Junior here at DVC. When Kaiya isn’t busy with school she likes to play soccer or play with her dog Zoe. One quote that describes her is “Making radical decisions without thinking them all the way through.”

Sarah Carrillo

Staff Writer

Sarah Carrillo is an 11th grader here at DVC. Family, education and friends are three very important things in her life. Her dream colleges to attend is either UCLA or Long Beach State.

Elena Marin

Staff Writer

Elena Marin is a junior at Da Vinci Communications. She loves sci-fi/action shows and fantasy novels above all else. On her free time, she writes fanfiction on all sorts of shows, movies, and books. Believe it or not, she has...

Hasan Daniels

Staff Writer

Hasan Daniels is currently a junior at Da Vinci Communications and a writer for the vitruvian post. He enjoys playing sports and working out. He is apart of the cross country and volleyball team. He enjoys being around others...

Kallayah Logan

Staff Writer

Kallayah Logan is currently a junior at Da Vinci Communications and a writer for the Vitruvian post. Her reasoning for joining the vitruvian post is to be more involved with DVC and to let her creative side run wild. She loves...

Christian Espinosa

Staff Writer

Christian Espinosa is someone who really cares about people. He chose Journalism as a pathway because he likes to write articles and talk to people. He wants to master his communication skills so he can communicate effectively...