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A Diamond is Assembled Under Pressure.

Valeria Mendoza October 27, 2020

What if the “American Dream” was a reality. Imagine if I was born into a wealthy family. Only if we were all born with blond hair, light skin, and blue eyes. Imagine if we all got to the same...

A Cure for Boredom

Casey Hartley June 10, 2020

Throughout the human race’s history, boredom has been a sign of a dull mind. Whoa, whoa, whoa, I know.  A harsh beginning, yes, and you may have taken that as a shot, but don’t worry. We’ve all...

The Beauty of Creative Expression

Xochitl E. Marin, Staff Writer October 14, 2019

Creative expression is a type of outlet that people hold important to them as most develop an emotional human connection in their pieces.  Whether it’s through visual arts, writing, music, or dancing,...

Star Karasik


Star Karasik March 19, 2019

I crave the opportunity to fall perfectly in your glance For you to finally notice my soft presence I am a mere being in your universe And you are a soft figure I can rest my eyes on ~ I like your...

We are all so hungry here

Liz G November 14, 2018

We are all so hungry here I look at Earth And it’s hard to see past the bloodthirsty smile and glowing eyes Earth’s children are getting greedy again Growing hungrier again and again and...

Colorism Today

Colorism Today

Lania Whiteside, Student Contributor June 5, 2018

Colorism is an ever growing epidemic that affects multiple parts of the world. Skin tone is quite often associated with positive and negative stereotypes. In comparison, the shade of someone's skin...

The World Sucks and I AM

The World Sucks and I AM

Lucas Wolfe , Student Contributor June 5, 2018

The World Sucks by Lucas Wolfe The world sucks Survival of the fittest We thrive while others suffer We drown others to stay afloat Survival of the fittest Selfishness flourishes within us They...

Middle Eastern Magic Brewing in the Chicken Chick Kitchen

Kai Morris, Student Contributor February 9, 2018

The words “juicy” and “chicken” are not merely two words that should stand alone. Chicken Chick, a Mediterranean and Persian cuisine restaurant located in Gardena, California, combine the two words...

Feel colorfully.

Tatiana Uribe, Assistant Editor-in-Chief October 13, 2017

oh! the human experience. what a frightful joy. how absolutely vivid are emotions when one permits oneself to indulge in them. our barest vulnerabilities are what differentiate between the experience...


Riley Arnold, Entertainment Editor September 21, 2017

I walk down the hallway   Making it look like everything is okay   But really inside of me   Everything is wrong   I know that beauty is supposed to be skin...

I Want to Hear an American Poem

Ula Peapea, Staff Writer June 5, 2017

I want to hear an American poem Give me an American poem, something deep, something real,   Something that’ll really let people know the deal! I wanna hear an American poem, Something...

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