World on Wheels

Must be nice to be handed the world

To have everything available

At the tips of your fingers

It’s easy for you to get by


More representation in all aspects

You can get by without cost

Yet you feel no remorse for those who don’t

Your privilege shows in more ways than one


It’s not your fault life is this way

But you choose to keep it

Its benefit suits you well

Your profit makes you comfortable


Disability and ability doesn’t define who we are

But its impact is severe

You have everything tailored for you

My everything is only a fraction of yours


The world is sculpted

Like only one of us should exist

My point of view is discarded

All I want must be begged for


It isn’t wrong to be disabled

Even though disabilities are treated as such

We just want you to know

We don’t want to be silenced


It’s time for our recognition

The truth must come shining through

There’s no reason to brush under the rug

Our experiences matter just as much as yours


Please just try to listen

You’ll never know what until you do

We need assurance we’ll be protected

Sincerely, a world on wheels