There’s Beauty in the Closet

There’s beauty in the closet

Safe from the outer world

Free of judgment

No pressure to express

What’s been pressing

To excess

Staying hidden is fine

Over time it’s felt

Divine, the glory

Not needing to break

Open, go unspoken

Feeling a joke in

The idea of coming out

Scream and shout

Figuring it out

It’s not worth it

But it’s a burden

Keeping every word in

There could be backlash

Whiplash from every

Head turned fast

Beyond that it’s

More, can’t explore or

Entertain the thought

The love, afraid to show

Every day these feelings

Grow, just don’t know

There’s comfort in a small

Space, don’t want to replace

The taste of security

Won’t show it now

It’ll happen somehow

That’s a vow

Until then, it’s safe to

Pause it, why leave when

There’s beauty in the closet