Is Dancing a Sport?

The question has been up for debate for many years. Should dance be considered a sport? Some argue that it, of course, is a sport. Others argue that it’s nowhere near being nor should be considered a sport. But to understand if dancing is a sport or not, one must understand the definition of what a sport is.

The dictionary definition of a sport is an athletic activity that requires lots of physical expertise and skill and is sometimes competitive. After reading the definition of a sport, it is obvious that dance would fit into this definition.

Dance is an activity that requires years of practice and training to perfect. I’ve had training in dance for many years, and it’s not the easiest physical activity in the world. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Dancers spend hours at a time in the studio putting their bodies through a great amount of endurance and sometimes pain to prepare and rehearse for competitions, showcases, and performances.

Before dancers start learning different choreographed pieces, they must go through a heavy amount of training to prepare their bodies to endure what it takes to perform multiple pieces at a time.

Many trained or professional dancers and dancers in training are required to take different technique classes and intensives to improve stamina and strength. In these classes, they exercise different muscles in the body, practice multiple turns, jumps, and kicks, study various dance sequences, and much more. Different technique classes allow dancers to build up stamina, strength, stability, and discipline.

Even though dance obviously requires a great amount of physical skill to do, many still disagree that dance is a sport. Some of those people may argue that dance is more of an art form rather than a sport as it is part of performing arts. And they are correct. Dancing is more than just a physical activity. It can be enjoyed by those who aren’t physically taking part in the activity. Dancing can be used to tell stories and represent just about anything.

But dancing doesn’t just have to be seen as one thing or the other. It should be thought of as a collection of different things. It could be thought of as a sport or a form of art or an exercise mechanism.

The idea of what dance is shouldn’t have to be constricted or limited to one thing. Therefore, there is no one definition of what it is nor a single category it falls under.

Once people start to appreciate the amount of enjoyment dance brings to many different people, it won’t matter how it’s defined. “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body,” said Martha Graham.