The Fall of What Could Have Been: The Book of Boba Fett

“The Book of Boba Fett” is a sci-fi TV series that was first announced in December of 2021. Its first episode premiered on the 29th of that very month, exclusively released by only one streaming platform, Disney Plus.  

Throughout the series, a unique style is felt through the character designs and setting. As one looks through the series, one will usually come to recognize the truly diverse amount of races along with a culture that is brought out from the story. This adds a lot of emotion to the story, not to mention the truly profound background they set up for each scene. From beautiful forests to vast wastelands, “The Book of Boba Fett” truly brings out an awe-inspiring view of the vast universe that is Star Wars.

The question is often asked: If “The Book of Boba Fett” is able to recreate the passion that once existed in the first trilogy ever created in the Star Wars universe, then what’s missing? After all, it creates a wonderful looking open world that truly makes us feel the vastness of this universe.

However, viewers come to find that the story misses a lot of the characterization that makes the characters feel truly special to us, especially the main character.

This somewhat stems from the fact that the creators of this series doesn’t give us much of a backstory as to why Boba Fett changed from a man with no morals to a man with plenty of morals. All we know is that for a while he had lived with a tribe of Tusken raiders until they were destroyed, but none of that is shown. This leads to the audience not understanding the character and why the destruction of the said tribe would offset him to want to do good.

If they had provided some sort of back story, then the audience could at the very least have some sort of connection with the character and understand his decision to turn good. But they don’t get any of that, and are instead left with a character without meaning and understanding.

But it only gets worse from there, as Boba Fett is written as an incredibly strong and powerful bounty hunter in the galaxy that was feared and looked up to by many. Having followed in his father’s footsteps as the top bounty hunter in the galaxy, when meeting him once again after all these years of his story’s disappearance, he’s simply not the same as he was originally portrayed before, not how many Star Wars fans around the world had envisioned him to be. 

In fact, Michael Stahl from Insidehook, a fellow fan of the Star Wars franchise had this to say about Boba’s character: “We’ve gone from an anything-is-possible model in the original Fett from the first trilogy to a character whose fighting skills have so diminished that he’s outsourcing combat opportunities to minions.”

He isn’t the great and powerful bounty hunter that we once envisioned him as, but just a guy who wants to do good, and isn’t capable of doing the job on his own so he lets a bunch of his “minions” do it. To simplify what the problem was, they turned a character who had such a commanding force to him in the midst of any battle into a weakened warrior, and it’s not like he isn’t a respected character because he was an antagonist during the first trilogy. 

Michael Stahl even states, “He had an awesome job — bounty hunter — that he was awesome at, so much so that we respected him even after he captured our beloved Han Solo and turned him over to the Evil Empire for a time.”

Thus, this all just began to stack upon itself, leaving us with the main character who isn’t fleshed out enough and isn’t as commanding and powerful as he once was, losing the respect the character once had from all fans.