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Driving As A Youth: Pros And Cons Of Student Driving

Driving As A Youth: Pros And Cons Of Student Driving

James Skinner, Web Editor March 28, 2019

Student Driving has been a reality for decades and it comes with positives and negatives, students get a chance to gain driving experience while facing the dangers of the road. In California, students...

Geovani Espinoza talking to academic coach, Jeff. Photo taken by Hailey Reyes/VP

Academic Coaches Undercover

Hailey Reyes , Copy Editor March 4, 2019

A dark classroom is full of students. The projector is beaming on the wall, instructions are posted on as background. Students are chattering on about math problems, asking their peers for help and clarification...

Sandra Martin (left) with her niece having a good time.

El Viaje (The Journey)

Geovani Espinoza, Social Media Editor March 4, 2019

The Pedro Pan operation was established between the Catholic church and the U.S. government. Its purpose was to help Cuban children seek asylum in the United States. Anthony Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz...

What The Case Of 21 Savage Reveals About Immigration In America

What The Case Of 21 Savage Reveals About Immigration In America

Hasan Daniels and Kayla Mitchell March 4, 2019

Recently, the partial government shutdown has led to heated debates on how to handle immigration within the country, and the arrest of rapper 21 Savage has brought more light to the controversial topic. On...

Cleo (left) looks at her surroundings with the family she looks after, in film Roma. 
Lesley Rodriguez/ town and country magazine

Roma, A Triumph At The Oscars

Lesley Rodriguez , Photo And Video Editor March 4, 2019

With its captivating black and white color and representation of indigenous culture, Roma was a big competitor at this years Oscars. Most notably competing with popular films like Bohemian Rhapsody and...

DVCs Black Student Union Flyer (Sarah Carillo/Vitruvian Post)

Shining the Light on BSU

Sarah Carillo , Staff Writer March 1, 2019

The month of February is a time for students who are a part of the Black Student Union to educate students on issues in society to celebrate black history month through advisory lessons and a Community...

Mercy Without Limits leaders and members gather around as they wear the organization wrist bands. Sarah Carrillo/Vitruvian Post

Mercy Without Limits

Sarah Carrillo, Staff Writer February 19, 2019

This January a new club based on the non-profit organization, Mercy Without Limits, was founded at DVC. This organization supports children refugees and orphans who live in "third world" countries. “The...

New Year, New Sport

Hasan Daniels , Staff Writer February 13, 2019

January 15th marked a new day in Da Vinci’s sports history; the school held its first ever swim team tryouts. With the addition of the new pool, which had its grand opening two weeks prior to the...

First Floor Family

First Floor Family

Jaylene Maldonado & Hailey Reyes , Web Editor and Copy Editor February 4, 2019

Karla Evains Barnett sits at the end of the of the cafeteria line on an early Wednesday morning. Students are sitting at lunch tables socializing with friends, catching up with homework and some walk up...

The super blood moon hovering over the city of Los Angeles. 
Picture taken by Gemma Mendez

Twinkle, Twinkle, Big Red Moon

Elena Marin, Staff Writer January 30, 2019

On Sunday, January 21st, dozens awaited the Dash Observatory bus at Vermont and Hollywood. People of different tongues had bundled themselves in layers of clothing, holding blankets and bulky backpacks....

DVC’s LGBTQ+ Community

Kaiya Alsobrook and Vienna Perez December 5, 2018

With the population at DVC growing more and more each year, another group that will continue to increase at DVC is the LGBTQ+ community. According to the Williams Institute of Law, there are about 9...

The Stress Of Senior Year

Vanessa Hernandez, Photo and Video Editor December 5, 2018

The stress of senior year begun as the Da Vinci Communications 2019 senior class submitted college applications while trying to grasp school and the workload. The Da Vinci Communications class of 2019...

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