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Fear ≠ Phobias

Julie Barrios and Ashley Quic March 17, 2020

Almost everyone has a fear or two, whether it be of clowns or of annual doctor checkups. For the most part, these fears are small and don't affect your daily life. When fears become extreme and start to...

You’re Left-handed?!?

Morgan Daniels, Social Media March 2, 2020

Writing, drawing, picking up items and giving high fives, things that are done without too much thought. However, there is a group that sometimes has to put a little more thought into those activities...

The Man With a Plan

Kaiya Alsobrook and Jordan Foster February 21, 2020

The United Afro Student Organization brings comfort to black communities and it has seeped its way into DVC culture. The leader/creator of this organization, sophomore Jaylon Jones, has proven to be...

Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

Julie Barrios and Ashley Quic November 13, 2019

There's no doubt that with the numerous amounts of projects here at DVC, the bags under our eyes have almost become permanent from several all-nighters we pull to get that good score. We drag ourselves...

Coping With Having an Alcoholic Parent

Coping With Having an Alcoholic Parent

Valeria Mendoza and Milan Boykins November 12, 2019

Many adults suffer from alcoholism, and children who are greatly affected by alcoholic parents are often overseen by society.   Due to the topic of growing up with an alcoholic parent being very personal,...

Young in Love Relationships

Young in Love Relationships

Milan Boykins November 6, 2019

Love is a common feeling us humans may feel for another. A feeling that makes you happy, motivated and can even shape you into a better person. Puppy love is usually seen as “young love” or something...

Club Leaders from left to right (Isabel Umekubo, Bianca Sanchez, Kaitlyn McCalebb, Cierra Pringle)

Women Empowerment Society Club

Kailey Torres and Ashley Quic October 2, 2019

Four junior girls took it upon themselves to create a safe space for all genders to discuss any local and global issues women are facing today in their society. This club provides a social and academic...

Kareem Maddox Found The Balance In Passion And So Can You

Nolee Bugarin, Copy Editor September 30, 2019

The blaring hum of the bell echoed throughout the festival as Kareem Maddox and teammates reached victory after winning the final round at the 3x3 tournament at the Los Angeles Street Festival.  After...

Living in a Multicultural Family

Isabel Umekubo and Cierra Pringle September 18, 2019

Multicultural families have been stuck in the middle and have long faced struggles at home, in society, and in the world.  Out of the 127.59 million homes in the U.S., only 700,000 of them are multicultural...

James Skinner/VP

The Seniors’ Final Exhibition Hurrah

James Skinner April 11, 2019

The class of 2019 experienced their eighth and final exhibition. After eight semesters at DVC they are left with many memories to carry with them into their future endeavors. Exhibition has been Da...

DVC’s First Day of Service

DVC’s First Day of Service

Hailey Reyes and Sarah Carrillo April 8, 2019 March 29th marked DVC’s first day of service where advisories united together to help the community in various locations such as...

The Impact of Growing Up in a Single-Parent Household

The Impact of Growing Up in a Single-Parent Household

Vienna Perez April 4, 2019

Growing up in a single-parent household can take a toll on a child's life when it comes to how a child is physically, emotionally and mentally impacted. According to Single Parenting and Children’s...

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