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The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

DVC Welcomes Their Third Counselor, Monique Aldrete

Leslie Giron, Reporter November 4, 2021

As DVC continues to expand, there have been subtle changes in order to accommodate the growing student body. DVC has been in operation for nine years now, and they’ve recently welcomed their first counselor...

Chicano Culture and Its Influence Today

Jocelyn Guillermo, Reporter October 20, 2021

Previously a predatorial word, Chicano, feminine term Chicana, is an identity for people who were born in America of Mexican descent.    It was adopted with pride and became popularized during...

Higher Education through Generation

Dylan Sterling , Reporter October 19, 2021

Throughout the past couple of decades, many new ideas and opportunities have appeared before the world when looking at post-high school opportunities.  The option to travel and study abroad, to have...

“Did You Hear Them Loud Enough?” Is there a relevance of dress codes in 2021?

Marley Washington , Photo & Video Editor October 18, 2021

“In the wake of feminie based movements and social changes is there still significant relevance within the dress code policies?”   As the sun has risen and the house is still, the mirror is greeted...

Viva La Musica Mexicana

Omar Gomez, Web Editor October 18, 2021

Music is the life and soul of Mexican Culture, it makes the atmosphere light up as the music fills the ears and the rhythm travels throughout the body. As one sits in their seat and is surrounded by...

Students Get Older, Does Love Get Older Too?

Emma Gonzalez, Reporter October 1, 2021

Currently, the meaning of love and relationship standards can vary between individuals based on their educational level. A young elementary school student will have a different perspective on love and...

Charter v. Public: Who’s Winning The Fight?

Milan Safford and Dylan Guillory September 30, 2021

From the confined charter school experience to the free flowing environment of public schools, without having attended one or the other, students become very opinionated about which one they’d prefer.    While...

Unarmed Civilians Charged With Cops Murder (Part 2)

Anjhela Henry, Photo and Video Editor September 28, 2021

Part 2: Conclusion/Cases in Arizona   While Illinois has changed the felony murder rule in their state, the other 12 states have not made any adjustments. More cops have gotten away with murder and...

Unarmed Civilians Charged With Cops Murder

Anjhela Henry, Photo and Video Editor September 28, 2021

PART 1: Intro/Cases in Illinois  When waking up in the hospital, Tristan Scaggs was in pain and confused. He was chained to the bed with deputies around him. Once he woke up, he wasn’t treated with...

Body Language Can Tell You What The Mouth Can’t

Kadi Donis, Photo and Video Editor September 23, 2021

Body language is the language that can show how a person is feeling and presenting themselves. It is a movement that releases energy that some people can’t vocalize. It is a way to tell the accuracy...

America’s Race to Equality Is Leaving the LGBTQ+ Community Behind

Laura De Luna , Reporter September 23, 2021

There are over 5.5 million LGBTQ+ persons in the United States. Since 2019, an estimated 7,500 hate crimes have been committed against the LGBTQ+ community.  It's critical to acknowledge not just America's...

“Am I Enough?”: The Struggle Of Being A First-Generation Child In America

Bridget Reyes and Kimberly Perez June 2, 2021

In recent years, the growing population of first-generation children being born in the United States has risen tremendously.    A first-generation child is when two foreign-born parents...