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Swing States and U.S Territories Impact on Elections

Swing States and U.S Territories Impact on Elections

Samin Champion and Elena Marin October 31, 2018

As the United States midterms approach, the spotlight continues to shine on the countries political behemoths like California and Texas, while swing states and U.S territories are seemingly uncovered. A...

Millennials in the Age of Trump

Kayla Mitchell and Sarah Carrillo October 31, 2018

Immigration, abortion, terrorism, and other controversial issues have caused students at Da Vinci Communications to reflect on their own political views in the age of Trump. In November of 2016, businessman...

Political Views From DVC

Political Views From DVC

Hailey Reyes, Copy Editor October 31, 2018

With 2018 midterm elections coming up on November 6, students and staff at Da Vinci Communications have the opportunity to discover more about current politics and political climate in an effort to understand...

A Community's Perception

A Community’s Perception

Hailey Reyes, Sarah Carrillo, and Jaylene Maldonado October 15, 2018

On Wednesday, September 19th, students at Da Vinci Communications came together with their advisories to discuss the problems that have surfaced due to the reporting of student behavior around the city...

Effects Of An Unhealthy Relationship

Effects Of An Unhealthy Relationship

Vienna Perez and Samin Champion October 11, 2018

92% of 10 staff members and students across each grade at DVC self-reported in a survey that they’ve been in a toxic relationship whether it was with a friend, significant other, or family member. While...

Stress: Healthy And Unhealthy Ways To Cope With It

Stress: Healthy And Unhealthy Ways To Cope With It

James Skinner, Web Editor October 11, 2018

Stress: Healthy And Unhealthy Ways To Cope With It Students and staff at Da Vinci Communications are stressing more now that the school year is in mid-semester and exhibition is in one month. There...

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The Meditation Pod

Christian Espinosa, Staff Writer October 11, 2018

Da Vinci Communications is the fourth school in the U.S. to have the Somadome, an interactive pod made to give users a sense of serenity. The Somadome is for DVC staff and students to use in times of...

DVC Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Geovani Espinoza and Jaylene Maldonado September 26, 2018

Over 5,979,000 people of either Hispanic or Latinx descent reside here in the Los Angeles area, according to Pew Research Center. National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year from September...

Kaepernick Nike Ad, How does DVC feel about it?

Kayla Mitchell , Hasan Daniels , and Jordan Foster September 26, 2018

In moments of strife and debate within the country, football player Colin Kaepernick's recent endorsement by Nike caused intense controversy as many feel that his kneeling protest was disrespectful and...

Tryout Before You Fry Out

Tryout Before You Fry Out

Samin Champion, Managing Editor September 26, 2018

With the coming of a new school year, students at Da Vinci Communications find themselves with an abundance of opportunities to explore their interests and take on more responsibilities. For many students,...

Homeless women on Skid Row that were brave to tell their story

The Red Burden: A Homeless Woman’s Tale

Martina Flores and Riley Arnold, Opinion Editor and Entertainment Editor June 5, 2018

Near Downtown Los Angeles in a city called Boyle Heights, Brittney and her boyfriend, “Spider,” live in a cramped, blue tent next to the Washington Boulevard Bridge. Both of them are currently homeless...

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