Season Two Solar Opposites

Solar Opposites season two will have you feeling many emotions. This show is an amazing adult cartoon and the second season was outstanding and complimented the show very well (spoilers ahead). 


Solar Opposites is about four aliens named Korvo, Terry, Jesse, and Yumyulack. They left their planet Shlorp due to an asteroid hitting it and destroying the planet. When fleeting from their planet they crash landed on the top of a house somewhere on Earth. Ever since then they have been living in the house. They as well have a small alien with them called a pupa and he’s supposed to eventually kill off the four aliens. 


The show was created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan. These two as well produced the very well known and popular Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty shows a very diverse scenery going into space and different dimensions, however Solar Opposites is grounded to Earth pretty much the whole show. 


This season was really crazy and had a lot to offer. At the beginning of the season the four were finally about to make it off the planet, however the ship had too much extra weight and they stayed stranded on Earth. It was kind of upsetting seeing that because I’d like to see the show make a turn and show more exciting scenery. 


We as well see new aliens from the planet Shlorp in the first episode. They as well crash landed and are living underground in london. Seeing new Shlorpians was a very exciting change for fans. These Shlorpians are nothing like the ones we know and love though. They were afraid to be seen by humans and even told our aliens we know “Are you crazy? Where are your masks?”. They as well are very much more determined to finish their mission to deliver the pupa and get off Earth unlike the original four. 


These new aliens feel somewhat obnoxious and much more serious. They don’t stay for long as the original four aliens get annoyed by them and trick them into thinking a sick dog that poops itself often was the pupa and they left earth. This episode was a very hilarious start to the second season.     


The slightly inappropriate jokes make it much more interesting as there are not as many shows now that hold back on feelings. If you are sensitive to dark jokes then I would not recommend this for you, although they are somewhat subtle but be aware as you watch if you are sensitive to those kinds of jokes.


There was a lot to see this season clearing up things that happened in season one. Yumyulack’s wall of small people has changed so much from season one. The wall really creates an interesting plot to the show. It feels as if the wall is a whole different plot from the actual plot from the show and the way the producers figured out how to transition that throughout the show was like no other. 


There are many episodes dedicated to the wall in season 2. There’s been a serial killer running around the wall as well. There are many suspicions to who the serial killer is but eventually the leaders of the wall decide to lie to the public and say it was a cricket who had killed the people. The way this show presents the wall it could genuinely be a show by itself, it’s that outstanding. The wall gives a political feel and expands on that feel often by showing battles, leader secrets, voting for leaders, etc. 


In conclusion the second season was a really great comedy. It has a very simple and clean vocabulary in the script but makes the show so much more than that simplicity. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who loves dark comedy and anyone who really has a lot of spare time and maybe expands their horizons.