DirtDog Review

Been wanting to try new things around the city of LA? Dirt Dog is the place to go!


Dirt Dog has several locations in the LA area being in the cities of Downey, Downtown LA, Pasadena, and 3 more locations in Vegas. I went to try the food in DTLA, the restaurant is located off S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 9000, right across the street from USC campus and is very popular with the students. 


If you are a Los Angeles local you’d love the inside as the walls are covered with murals of West Coast and Los Angeles legends like Tupac, Snoop dogg, Kobe, Nipsey and other murals depending on which restaurant you’re at.


The menu consists of many different and versatile options, you even get to choose your own bread. You have choices of Lobster bread, pretzel bread, and white bread. The hotdogs were amazing, really like no other that I’ve tried. The meat is 100% beef and each hot dog has its own personal toppings. 


There are as well other appetizers and meals you can get on the menu such as tacos, esquites, fries with their own toppings and flavor, and desserts like ice cream. 


For the hot dogs I tried The Snoop Dogg, The Patty Melt, The House Dog, The Flamin Dog, and the Elote Dog. However my favorite hotdog was The Patty Melt. I got Lobster bread, which is similar to a french type of bread. The Patty Melt consisted of a 100% beef hotdog wrapped in bacon, with fries on top, covered with chipotle aioli, with cheddar melted over, and bacon bites sprinkled. 


The Hot dog was amazingly well put together and the aioli made it amazing. Before this I had never even tried aioli and I genuinely disliked hotdogs as well before trying these. So I was really interested in what I’d think of it. 


The aioli sauce made this taste so outstanding because of its light spiciness combined with the creamy cheesy taste. The texture of it was a soft crunchy that you couldn’t explain, and was well put all together with the savory feel of the hot dog. I would choose these hotdogs over any burger any day.


The other meals they have such as the fries are just as amazing as the hotdogs. If you have a sweet tooth they as well have some things for you like deep fried oreos, deep fried twinkies, and an amazing horchata ice cream with churros inside. 


The fries I ordered were called DUI Fries, they had pastrami, carne asada, bacon bits, melted cheddar, chipotle aioli, and cilantro. The taste of these was such a strong savory taste with a creamy surrounding giving it a mellow feel. It was well put together.


As for the Ice Cream it was amazing. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth for ice cream but this was very delicious. It was crunchy because of the toppings being rice krispies, churros, and almonds, but it went well with the soft ice cream and the taste of the horchata homemade syrup put it all together creating such a new taste and texture that was just amazing.