Coming 2 America – Review

Coming to America is visually appetizing, a masterpiece of a sequel really. If you liked the first Coming to America then you are sure to have a delight watching this movie as well. as it brings back an old school movie feel with modern cinema technology. 


Coming to America is about an African monarch who finds out he had a long lost son. He then has to go and retrieve his son to get a male heir to his throne. He then has to build a relationship and prepare his son to be the ruler of their land which is called “Zamunda”. 


The Movie has an amazing cast starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Jermaine Fowler, and many other actors, however the movie primarily focuses on these three characters. However the new actors as well helped this movie reach a good liking between fans of the original movie.


The film was very attention grabbing and kept you entertained the whole time(Possible spoiler alerts ahead). Bringing back pretty much the whole cast and characters from the first movie made, and new ones such as Prince Akeem’s 3 daughters, who we did not see in the first movie. It feels really nostalgic. It was a very intriguing comical film. 


Seeing the old characters in the movie transform into these new people and grow older was really interesting as well and they really took the plot of the second movie into a good point in time. Seeing the prince and princess grow a family together was very cinematically pleasing and showed how they really grew together over time since the last movie and really made you feel connected to it. 


We even see the characters who played small roles in the first movie like Fresh Peaches and Sugar Cube. These two lady twins showed up in the first movie trying to talk and get at prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) and Arsenio Hall’s main character, Semmi. They show up in the sequel rapping at the wedding of his son and one of Prince Akeem’s workers who is actually now King Akeem in the new movie. 


The movie overall was an amazing next step from the original movie and was an all out great movie that gave a different but nostalgic feel. I really loved it and let’s be honest usually sequels are straight up trash, but this movie was very satisfying.


If you have free time you should definitely watch Coming 2 America with your family or friends. I’ts an amazing movie to watch anywhere with anyone and you will not regret it.