Young People Care About Politics!

Claudia Brown

As the 2020 election nears, young people are becoming increasingly involved in politics and are demanding to be included in the conversation.

A survey from Tisch College found the number of young people who voted in the midterm elections more than doubled from 2014 to 2018. 

Senior Logan Evans has become highly involved in politics herself. As one of the three Co-Presidents of Da Vinci’s Student Task Force, her job is to be informed on current politics and to encourage the youth to become more active in politics as well. 

“I think [politics] affects everything that happens in our society, and all the choices that are made will end up affecting me or someone I know,” Evans said. “I think that not being involved, you don’t get to make choices or express your opinion on things that matter to you.” 

By surveying teachers, the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School found something influential in young voter participation in civic education in the classroom. Robert Allen, DVC Government and Economics teacher has been encouraging his students to be more active in politics especially in this year’s election. 

“It’s in the nation’s interest to promote civic responsibility and civic engagement,” said Allen. “The entire reason there’s a government class is to do that, the entire reason there’s a history class quite frankly, is to promote voter awareness, civic engagement. I feel that’s a huge part of our mission.”

As mentioned by the United Nations Youth program, student-run clubs and organizations help young people become more involved in politics. Co-leader of DVC’s Youth & Government club Teyah Robinson hopes that she can contribute to youth’s learning of politics.

“Youth & Government is a program through the YMCA, and before COVID we would have three conventions where we would practice a mock government… In my perfect fantasy, everyone would have something similar to a Youth and Government program,” said Robinson.

In today’s society, it is very common for young voters to feel unmotivated to vote. But, when young people feel defeated or like their voice doesn’t matter there is one thing to remember that Evan’s worded perfectly.

“If you don’t try then nothing will happen, but there’s no harm in just talking to people, trying to educate them, and try and educate yourself,” said Evans.