The Newest Cozy and Spooky Hoodies

The Nightmare Clothing was created to bring some spookiness, coziness, color, and joy into your world as it does to mine. With the amazing ¨NIGHTMARE¨ reflective logo across the chest and the three reaching hands in the back along with the reflective hood, my royal blue ¨Avalon¨ hoodie never fails to comfort me.

DVC Senior, entrepreneur, and hoodie advocate Perris Mykle launched her small business “The Nightmare Clothing” on Juneteenth. Mykle stated that her small business name is somewhat connected to her name.

“The Nightmare¨ Clothing is my name. Well not quite. My first name is Perris and my middle name is Mykel which initiates PM like AM PM morning & night. At night you have dreams and could possibly have a nightmare. Just felt it was a nice touch of me in there slightly.”

At first, I was double thinking if a $55 hoodie was worth purchasing only because a lot of times you don’t get what you paid for. Only a week went by until I received mine, and I was deeply surprised by how good the quality was and how amazing the inside material felt. Even the stitching surprised me.

What makes these hoodies more special is that they are handcrafted! There is a certain reflective piece matched with the color to your liking.

With each vibrant hoodie, they have their own unique name and color.

“The hoodie names are cities in California that were picked because of a prominent event, color, building, or historical event. For example, the heliconia (or dark pink) hoodie is Pasadena named after the rose parade,” said Mykle.

According to Mykle, she did not want her brand name to be associated with death because of how crucial death is, “I needed things that can be genuinely associated with scary and a bad dream,” which I believe ended up being a success due to the designs being so unique.

Even before coming out with her hoodies, she’s always loved them. It was a double win for her to continue to advocate, create, and promote something she already loves.

We already know how cool these hoodies are. But has any clothing you’ve ordered online come with a “care card”?

TNC is very serious when it comes to cleaning your product because of how fragile the material is. The care card has five simple instructions on what to do and what not to do to the hoodie. You have to keep the card to keep the hoodie in good condition.

So far, my experience with my hoodie has brought me nothing but compliments on how amazing the reflectiveness looks. Most importantly, how comfortable it feels wearing the hoodie. I decided to choose the royal blue color because surprisingly, I have nothing that color. I am not mad at the decision that I had to make to choose a color out of my comfort zone.

Mykle created an Instagram page even before the launch to begin promoting her small business. With more than 400 followers, TNC empire is expanding tremendously. Go ahead and follow @thenightmareclothing. You won’t be disappointed.

The best part of it all is that Mykle is “already working” on expanding the products on her website.

As the “hoodie season” and “spooky season” approach we both know you are in need of these stunning hoodies. GO COP YOURS NOW !!!!!!!