Students Create Playlist for DVC Tunes for Quarantine Gloom

Morgan Daniels, Social Media Editor

Music has become a big part of many people’s lives for different reasons. No matter what reason, everyone can agree that when they put on their favorite songs the mood instantly gets better. Times like now are especially good to start that new playlist and fill it with your favorite songs! 

According to gethealthystayhealthy, music has lots of benefits besides just being fun to listen to. It can improve your mood, reduce stress, lessen anxiety, improve memory, and provide comfort. All high school students can benefit from these things because of the stress they are in. 

“Studies show that listening to music can benefit overall well-being, help regulate emotions, and create happiness and relaxation in everyday life (,” and during this time, high school students are stressing more than they would be during a normal year, so having stress-relieving outlets can significantly reduce the amount of stress they are having.

Music can also help you study! According to “Studies have shown that music produces several positive effects on a human’s body and brain. Music activates both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory.”

DVC student Angel Uribe provides insight on his music habits while dealing with virtual instruction this semester. 

“I think music does help me study personally,” said Uribe. “I know for a lot of other people it can be distracting but for me personally…listening to music it helps me like, focus on my work.”

Music can be beneficial in many ways, it’s important during this time to find safe outlets for stress, and listening to music is one of them! 

Check out “Benefits of Music”, an infographic I put together to show the benefits of music, and also enjoy the playlist linked below full of songs you all recommended for studying and staying focused!

This playlist is very diverse! It is a mashup of all of your recommended songs! Listen to a few, maybe add some to your own playlists. Happy Listening 🙂