Seniors Get Sandy: Diving into the Senior Bonfire!

DVC seniors had the opportunity to attend the senior bonfire on Thursday, Sept. 14 in which they played games and socialized to release stress during college application season. At this event, seniors played badminton, football, danced, raced, and even went in the ocean. 


Senior Alondra Robles talked about what this event meant to her, as it is her last year at DVC. She emphasized on how important it is for her to attend senior activities like this because of how long she has known her fellow seniors. 


“I think for me it was just being able to hang out with classmates that I’ve been with throughout freshman year, and being able to like do these activities with them,” said Robles. “I don’t know how to describe it but yeah just talking to like all the seniors…like talking about our memories and what our goals are now and being able to just have a good time with them for our last year.”


Claudia Brown, a senior, who also attended the bonfire, claimed that it felt like a longer lunch with the same people at school. Brown rated the overall experience as a 10 despite what she found underneath her feet. 


“I did get a lot of tar on my feet, I was trying to keep my shoes on because like I don’t want to have to scrub tar off of my feet,” said Brown. “But I think I gave in like I’m not gonna wear sneakers for three hours at the beach, so I got tar on my feet.”


Colin Glenn, who is also a senior, shared his perspective on how he assumed that many people were not going to attend the bonfire but it ended up being the opposite. Glenn listed some of the activities that occurred that evening, claiming that the entire bonfire was extremely fun. 


“I wasn’t expecting many people to be there when it started, but there was a lot of people out there…I remember hearing like a lot of people saying they didn’t want to go and then they were going to go,” said Glenn. “For me, I played soccer, I played tag, I played badminton, and I built a sand castle and I danced and ate and I talked.”


Member of the senior committee, Tyler Parker, discussed how challenging it was to have a successful outcome while respecting COVID regulations. After being in quarantine for a long time, it has become more difficult to have social gatherings for celebratory events, such as a bonfire like this. 


“It was kind of difficult because we had to adapt to COVID regulations and what we can do as a school and like people getting like tested to see if they have COVID,” said Parker. “That was a part of the plan, but then it started to get complicated and people didn’t want to do [it] so then we had to take it off and all that so it was, it was kind of hard.”


While this event required a large amount of hard work and time, most of the seniors felt that the experience of the senior bonfire was worth it. The class of 2022 is continuing to look forward to future senior events that the senior committee will plan. 


“You’re not forced to do anything, they’re just a great way to make memories, so just because it’s a school event don’t like look down upon it and like actually go, you’ll have fun,” said Robles. “Just make sure to use the bathroom before because you do not want to use the porta potties.”