DVC’s Halloween Spirit Day is Finally Making a Comeback

Da Vinci Communications’ Halloween spirit fell through the cracks during the quarantine saga as Covid cases started to increase, but since then the curve has begun to flatten and students are back on campus. DVC’s Halloween spirit day will be held on Oct. 29. This will be one of the most memorable celebrations in Da Vinci history!


A lot of DVC’s students haven’t experienced the cultural aspect of DVC’s Halloween spirit day since many students are new to DVC as a whole. Briana Amezcua, a freshman at DVC, had her opinion on the difference of halloween spirit from DVC to her other school. 


“At DVC, I like it. I feel like my other school they didn’t hype it up as much, you know? So I feel like this is a good way,” Amezcua said. 


Halloween is famous for allowing individuals to share their creativity, and show their love for free candy, but the history behind Halloween costumes is considered to be an interesting topic. CNN released an article called “From pagan spirits to Wonder Woman: A brief history of the Halloween costume” which states, “The genesis of Halloween costumes may date back over 2,000 years. By the 1920s and 1930s, people were holding annual Halloween masquerades, aimed at both adults and children, at rented salons or family homes.” 


As seen, expressing Halloween spirit by dressing up has been recognized for over 2,000 years. It is very extraordinary knowing that Halloween costumes have been a big part of fashion for quite some time. 


As Halloween gets closer day by day, students are waiting to see which teachers will dress up, especially new teachers that recently joined DVC. Einstein Lopez is the freshman Physics teacher and this is his second year teaching at DVC. This would actually be his first year participating in DVC Halloween spirit day. He had a very connected spark towards his favorite part of Halloween. 


“I mean, I haven’t really celebrated Halloween honestly. I mean I got some candy in class, I got like 200 pounds of candy and the kids already ate more than half it,” said Lopez. 


Seeing many dress up and show a creative side is the most important part of this spirit day. Alani Flores, a sophomore and Leadership member who helped plan out the spirit week had a positive mindset about DVC’s comeback to Halloween said, “ I’m excited to see how many people like to participate, and like how it’ll bring up our school’s community and just like overall togetherness.” 


This is the moment that has everyone waiting on their feet: DVC’s Halloween spirit day comeback. It is the moment where we all come together as one to show our creativity and to have fun. This will be one of the first ever special moments in DVC history that will be remembered as the most fun Halloween spirit day comebacks ever.