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Our Obsession With Race

Casey Hartley June 5, 2020

The United States is obsessed with race. I’m not referring to our nation’s history, our government, or our laws, but our society itself. For the longest time, the United States has dealt with racial...

My Body, My Choice: Body Hair Edition

Maya Lyou, Copy Editor June 5, 2020

Although body hair is a mammalian feature on the human body, in order for women to be deemed socially acceptable by society, they must be seemingly hairless on their body. According to social media’s...

Why Standardized Testing Should Be Banned

Valerie Palomo May 23, 2020

As early as the 1920s, standardized tests were being used by schools to judge students based on whether or not they were going to be successful in life or if they were “slow children.” Fast forward...

Positive Effects of Coronavirus

Jordan Foster May 23, 2020

Society has been accustomed to the negative effects that the coronavirus has brought upon us, but most people don’t discuss the positive values it has created as well. Although the coronavirus has...

Let Them Read What They Want!

Xochitl Marin May 23, 2020

Books stacked on one another. Xochitl Marin/ Vitruvian Post. One is given the right to freedom of speech, expression, and to believe in whatever one may choose to believe in amongst other rights....

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

Reese Gonzalez May 23, 2020

Cell phones and teens, a combination you see so often these days. Teens and children use their phones for around seven hours a day, nearly as long as a school day. In 2016 3.50 billion people worldwide...

The Machismo and Marianismo Culture Perpetuates Toxic Masculinity and Sexist Gender Roles in Latinx Households

Kimberly Perez May 23, 2020

Machismo is a culture now ingrained in certain Latinx households, forcing young boys to be “macho”; essentially strong both physically and mentally. Machistas generally are expected to be dominant...

How Can Students Grading their Teachers Become Effective?

Milan Boykins May 23, 2020

Students have an opinion and voice too. Their way of being taught should be addressed. Grading teachers has been an idea that’s been around for years but has it really come into place or enforced...

To Protect and Serve

Kevin Lagarde May 23, 2020

Imagine you receive a phone call from the police of your local town early morning around five am. They inform you that your 17-year-old child of color has been arrested and put in a holding cell awaiting...

The Ugly Truth About Tik Tok

Kaiya Alsobrook May 23, 2020

Tik Tok may be hiding black excellence from its 800 million users. When I’m scrolling through Tik Tok’s ‘For You’ page, I always notice teenagers doing the same skits: lip-syncing, dancing,...

Is Dance a Sport?

Julie Barrios May 23, 2020

Photo credit: Alyssa Ramirez, 11th grader at DVD I’ve been dancing since I can remember; dance has been the only sport I’ve ever been a part of. When I was in elementary school, others would...

Is Dancing a Sport?

Cierra Pringle May 23, 2020

The question has been up for debate for many years. Should dance be considered a sport? Some argue that it, of course, is a sport. Others argue that it’s nowhere near being nor should be considered a...

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