How Can Students Grading their Teachers Become Effective?

Milan Boykins

Students have an opinion and voice too. Their way of being taught should be addressed.

Grading teachers has been an idea that’s been around for years but has it really come into place or enforced as a requirement at Da Vinci Schools? The concept is to give feedback to your teachers on how they are teaching you and making sure it’s EFFECTIVE. For the teachers that have great teaching habits, they can receive feedback on what worked with their students and students can even give suggestions on what the teacher can try. Then for other teachers, if the students are failing to comprehend their style of teaching, it’s always good for students to voice that in some to help better the teachers teaching skills. In the end, this concept is all about students giving their input on how they want to learn because if there’s students that may be struggling in a class by how they’re being taught; this can help them.

For example, at the end of the week, there will be a survey for each class and the students have to fill the survey out reflecting on their teacher’s teaching and what they learned. This will happen every week to make sure the students are on track with their learning. This way the teacher can know what skills were effective that they’ve tried with their students and which ones weren’t. Students can also leave suggestions on the survey for the teacher and what more they feel they should do that can help enhance their learning or what worked for them.

When asking students for their opinion on this concept of learning, most of them agreed with it suggesting that there should be a weekly survey on Fridays to reflect on their teachers. They felt as if it can be beneficial to their grades as well, more students will succeed if they are all being taught the way they can all understand. Not only is this benefiting the students but the teachers. It helps them improve their teaching skills and without the student feedback, they’ll never know what they need to do to change. There’s been times where students faced experiences where the teacher’s way of teaching wasn’t beneficial at all and affected the way they comprehended the class lessons. People disagree with this process because they feel as if it won’t work or the student will be one-sided depending on their relationship with the teacher. There are ways to avoid conflict with the surveys by the questions asked on it. Avoid asking questions about the teacher and student relationship and only focus on the teaching skills it can eliminate some biased responses. Overall, this new concept of grading teachers should be put into place at Da Vinci Schools to help benefit the students and teachers.