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The Importance of a Healthy Sleep Schedule

Kailey Torres June 9, 2020

Many people overlook the importance of sleep. Many people believe they can “make up” for the lack of sleep. However, people still decide to deprive themselves of those precious hours that the brain...

America’s Favorite Pastime is Commercializing Holidays

Xochitl Marin June 9, 2020

In the United States, the month of May celebrates two major holidays: Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day. The sales and other aspects of commercialization open up debate about why these holidays are actually...

Money Heist is Much More Than a Heist

Xochitl Marin June 9, 2020

On April 3, Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel in its Spanish title, released the much-awaited part four of the popular Netflix series bolstering the popularity and love the show has gained from its viewers. Money...

‘Never Have I Ever’ Review: There’s Light At The End of The Tunnel

Bridget Reyes June 9, 2020

Source: Netflix *Spoiler Alert* Netflix recently released a teen drama called “Never Have I Ever,” starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as the main character Devi. With the help of director Mindy...

Pro-Life but Spell it H-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e-s

Morgan Daniels, Social Media Editor June 9, 2020

Pro-Lifers will hold a sign that says “Abortion is murder”, “life is a human right”, “Every life is valued”, and “protect all human life.”  Then they will turn around and hold signs that...

The Last Dance: A Documentary Worth Living For

Jordan Foster June 8, 2020

  The Last Dance invites you into the world of Michael Jordan to observe how he coped with the many challenges he faced throughout his career in professional basketball. With the current quarantine...

Xenophobia in Covid-19

Daniela Calderon June 6, 2020

In 1918 a strain of the Flu broke out as one of the deadliest plagues in the world. European and US news outlets nicknamed it the “Spanish Flu”. While having no proof that the flu had actually...

AES Power Plant in Redondo Beach Debates Closure by 2023. Why is it even a question?

Vivian De Waart June 6, 2020

On March 30 of 2020, Applied Energy Sources corporations (AES corp.) finalized a sale of their power plant in Redondo Beach to a real estate developer, Leo Pustilnikov. The power plant takes up 51 acres...

Bad Bunny is Creating a New Wave of Latin Music Artist

Scarlet Ruiz June 6, 2020

Gladys Vega/Getty Images From bagging groceries at supermarkets to performing at the Super Bowl, Bad Bunny has become one of the biggest Latin singers, and his activism is changing the Latin music culture. Most...

What Sports Are Doing Wrong

Scott Felt June 6, 2020

COVID-19 shocked the sports world to its core when it saw every major sport shut down and suspend play until further notice.  According to ESPN, the NBA has postponed its season, NCAA canceled spring...

Why Standardized Testing Should Be Banned

Valerie Palomo June 6, 2020

As early as the 1920s, standardized tests were being used by schools to judge students based on whether or not they were going to be successful in life or if they were “slow children.” Fast forward...

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