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The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

What the Governor Recall Would’ve Meant For Americans

Anjhela Henry, Photo and Video Editor October 7, 2021

California has been adjusting to the ‘new normal’ dealing with Covid-19, but the controversy of that could have caused a change in leadership. While Governor Newsom is still in office, there was a...

LGBTQ+ Community Is Regularly Harassed For Being Themselves

Adrian Flores, Reporter October 7, 2021

Homosexuals within the LGBTQ+ community are being discriminated against across the United States and are experiencing harassment by individuals for simply loving who they love and being who they are.   For...

Women’s Rights In Question After Taliban Takes Control

NY Young, Reporter September 30, 2021

The U.S has completely withdrawn as of Aug. 30, this leaves the Taliban in charge, and Afghans along with the rest of the world are wondering what’s next for Afghanistan.   “The Taliban...

Here are the Plants that Might Cure COVID-19

Troi Harvey, Reporter September 30, 2021

Millions around the world are getting ill and dying from COVID-19. This has been happening since before the vaccine and even now. Every day, more and more people are taking interest in their health and...

Turkey Shuns Afghan Refugees, And Europe Might Be Next

Garrett Hoff, Reporter September 10, 2021

"As Turkey, we have sufficiently carried out our moral and humanitarian responsibilities regarding migration….. It is out of the question for us to take an additional refugee burden," said Turkey’s...

2020 Election: Anxiety, Stress for Students and Staff

Juliana Flores, Reporter December 15, 2020

Throughout the process of the election and the announcement of our president-elect, the people of America have felt worried and anxious. On November 7, 2020, Joe Biden was announced as president-elect...

Future of DVC School Athletes

Juliana Roman November 18, 2020

School sports have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but many student-athletes and coaches still have hope that they will have a season. Junior Makayla Wilson has been playing soccer almost...

What’s At Stake Now that Amy Coney Barrett Is in the Supreme Court?

Vivian De Waart November 17, 2020

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has shocked and induced fear into many. President Donald Trump’s nominee, U.S Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett, has officially filled Ginsburg’s seat as of Monday...

Racism Increasing during Election 

Adrian Flores November 17, 2020

This year's election has exacerbated racism all through Los Angeles, causing tension throughout the county and even sparking violence in some cases, “human rights and lives are at stake because of the...

Economic Impact from Covid-19

Alexis Marquez November 13, 2020

As the number of confirmed Covid cases increases, businesses such as restaurants and fisheries are being shut down around the world which is causing mass unemployment. The unemployment rate has increased...

Racial Discrimination within Schools 

Adrian Flores November 13, 2020

Students from universities across America are experiencing racial discrimination from their peers and faculty, and it's negatively impacting their lives in a multitude of ways.  Students have been...

The Passing of SB145: The Start of a New Era for the LGBTQ+ Community

Omar Gomez November 13, 2020

In California, SB145 was passed into law on September 11, ending a 76 year old discriminatory law towards the LGBTQ+ community.  Senator Scott Wiener introduced and proposed the Senate Bill 145, which...