The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

The Vitruvian Post

The student news site of Da Vinci Communications High School

DVC Student Reps Attend Their 1st Board Meeting

Juliana Roman December 13, 2020

For the first time DVC has selected three student representatives for the school board, and the representatives, who will serve as the voice of all students, attended their first school board meeting.   Juniors...

When Will Students Return? The Unforeseeable Future

Angel Luevano December 13, 2020

When students and staff initially switched from in-person learning to complete remote learning, it was unsure exactly when students and staff would return on campus. Recently, Da Vinci School announced...

Allegations of Unwanted ICE Hysterectomies Arise

Ashley Quic and Julie Barrios December 8, 2020

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are facing serious allegations that undocumented women who were obtained in their facilities underwent unwanted and unnecessary hysterectomies procedures. On...

What Conditions Do Schools Need to Return?

Kevin Lagarde December 8, 2020

When will school return? The number one question still remains among all students, teachers, and staff. This question has yet to be answered because nobody really knows. Only time will tell if the only...

Future of DVC School Athletes

Juliana Roman November 18, 2020

School sports have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but many student-athletes and coaches still have hope that they will have a season. Junior Makayla Wilson has been playing soccer almost...

SLCs during Virtual Learning

Lesley Alcantar November 17, 2020

Every year at Da Vinci, Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) are held, but this year’s mid-October SLCs were very different in comparison to years before due to the Coronavirus.  SLCs are the meetings...

“How to Be an Anti-Racist” Book Club at Da Vinci

Kailyn Alsobrook November 13, 2020

In an effort to create a safe space for staff to discuss difficult topics and experience, Da Vinci Communications has opened its book club to all schools to discuss the book, How to Be an Anti Racist. An...

The Positives and Negatives of this Year’s Virtual Overnighter

Kadi Donis November 13, 2020

Every year, all three Da Vinci schools host Overnighter, an overnight trip for the new incoming Freshman at Camp Pondo, but this year things have changed. This year’s Overnighter was completely different...

Anxiety and Depression: Does DVC Help Their Students?

Jaylin Henderson October 21, 2020

Students’ mental health at DVC is a priority, especially anxiety and depression, among many DVC staff. Many do their best to help their students, but there are still more ways staff can help. In a...

Da Vinci Schools Announces Closure Will Continue Until May 4th. Online Schooling Resumes, but Questions about the Future Arise.

Chelsea McKinnon and Isabel Umekubo March 27, 2020

WISEBURN - Mid-afternoon Monday morning, Matthew Wunder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Da Vinci Schools, announced that all Da Vinci Schools will remain closed until at least May 4, planning to resume...

Black History Month

Vivian De Waart and Scarlet Ruiz March 10, 2020

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