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Diversity at DVC

Diversity at DVC

Hasan Daniels and Jordan Foster May 24, 2019

It is very important that in a school setting, a place where one receives an education, there is a diverse background of students, teachers, staff, and faculty workers. DVC is host to many different...

BurgerIM Review

BurgerIM Review

Sarah Carrillo , Staff Writer May 14, 2019

BurgerIM, a new fast food restaurant located in El Segundo, has just opened up to the public on Douglas and Maple. This restaurant is located in the plaza where many students purchase their favorite...

The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA. Elena Marin/Vitruvian Post

The Last Bookstore—A Bookworm’s Daydream

Elena Marin April 10, 2019

In Downtown Los Angeles, there is a bookstore that makes customers feel as if they’re walking through a bibliophile’s ultimate fairytale. As soon as I walked in, I imagined being in the Hogwarts Library...

‘How to Train Your Dragon: A Hidden World’ Sets Fire to Cinemas

‘How to Train Your Dragon: A Hidden World’ Sets Fire to Cinemas

Daniela Calderon, Staff Writer April 5, 2019

How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World, is the final installment to the astounding How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. Bringing to close in the most breathtaking way, a franchise which has spanned nine...

Wallows group members posing in a balcony. 
Lesley Rodriguez/  The Daily Listening

An album that is a treat for your ears

Lesley Rodriguez, Photo and Video Editor April 5, 2019

The long-awaited debut Wallows album, Nothing Happens is finally out now. This indie band released its first ever studio album which many fans had waited for a long time. Wallows is constructed of three...

GPA’s Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

GPA’s Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

Sophia Szekely, Staff Writer April 5, 2019

If you don’t live in Bel Air and have mass amounts of money to bribe administrators, then the aching eyes and stiff fingers you get from doing hours of school work might not be enough to get you into...

Eatalian Cafe on Broadway. Vanessa Hernandez/ Vitruvian Post.

A Bit of Italy in Gardena

Vanessa Hernandez March 24, 2019

Living in Gardena, you quickly learn its routes. You learn that if you make a left on Western you’ll be met with an array of Asian and Korean restaurants. A pho house next to a ramen house, a Japanese...

Inside Watts Coffee house where there is a collection of autographs and pictures.

Watts Coffee House

Geovani Espinoza , Social Media Editor February 27, 2019

When most people think of the city of Watts, the first thing that comes to mind is the notorious Watts riots that took place in 1965. However, Watts is also known for its hidden gem, Watts Coffee house,...

The Injustices Black Men in America

The Injustices Black Men in America

Jordan Foster and Hasan Daniels December 5, 2018

The constant prejudice, discrimination, and unjustified killings of unarmed African American men seem to be a reoccurring story in America. According to PolitiFact, police officers have killed 853 people...

The Women Of Politics

The Women Of Politics

Qualified women are not hard to come by in the United States and yet there is a huge gender gap in politics; the numbers, however, are gradually diminishing with more women running in the 2018 midterms. On...

Erica Bentley (12), Matthew Ujemov (11), Riley Arnold (12), Wendy Rodriguez, and Tatiana Uribe are playing Settlers of Catan and bonding as the senior class gets closer to graduating

The Final Countdown

Ale Pacheco, Features Editor June 5, 2018

As a senior class, we’ve had about a thousand and one individual memories we can recall in the coming years. From the terror that was the Civilization project to the only thing teachers remember us for,...

Photo provided by Mats Meyer and celebrity couples who have had relationship scandals that were exposed.

Fame Can Influence Fake

Sophia Solorzano, Multimedia Editor April 20, 2018

With numerous relationships starting in high school, it’s easy to be influenced by #Couplegoals. Celebrities often portray themselves as “perfect” couples that may seem to love one another; however,...

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