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Let’s Have A Meal At The Traditional Zacatecas Restaurant

Omar Gomez, Web Editor September 22, 2021

Walking on Inglewood Avenue heading towards 138th Street, you will see a small restaurant called Zacatecas Restaurant. It is a family-run business that specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine. They base...

The Label that Sticks with You… Until it Doesn’t

Bridget Reyes and Kimberly Perez June 2, 2021

Image gathered from The Tartan   Harmful stereotypes unfairly represent different minority groups in America, however, when hyperboles and misconstrued depictions become overbearing, one part...

The Misunderstood Story of Second Generation Children Living In America

Bridget Reyes and Kimberly Perez June 2, 2021

In the United States, the stories of foreign immigrants and first-generation are widely known for the trail and tribulations they have overcome. Yet another important tale that isn’t widely known...

Intersectionality: Care About It

Cierra Pringle, Photo & Video June 1, 2021

Intersectionality affects more than one group of people in multiple ways. People in these groups share intersecting experiences with those in other groups, which is where the term “intersectionality”...

The Cold Truths of the Netflix Original Grand Army

Ryan Gardner December 17, 2020

The show Grand Army, which was released on Netflix this year on October 16th, reveals the hard truths of issues that teens across America frequently face.  Each episode displays the realities of mental...

Top 10 Shows

Jaylin Henderson December 17, 2020

Celebrating the Holidays COVID-19 Free

Xochitl Marin December 8, 2020

Close up of a Peppermint theme decorated tree. Xochitl Marin/ Vitruvian Post.    The winter season is filled with fun holiday events many look forward to enjoying. Due to the  Coronavirus though,...

Is Social Interaction Dying?

Kailey Torres December 3, 2020

It’s crazy to think that there was a time people didn’t have the latest technology. They didn’t have access to the world that can sit right in their pocket. However, in current society, humans couldn’t...

You’re Being Sus!

Adali Trujillo December 3, 2020

When an independent game firm produced Among Us in 2018, it was greeted with little fanfare. Like many games, this multiplayer game remained under the radar until the summer of the pandemic. This game...

The Sound of Crime?

Morgan Daniels November 18, 2020

Mississippi Senator candidate Chris McDaniel associates rap music with “a culture that is morally bankrupt.” With no factual evidence to back that statement up, it raises the question of how rap is...

Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2 Review

Valerie Palomo November 13, 2020

  Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix is back with even more new and puzzling cases in Volume 2. Washington Inside Murder For starters, I had high expectations for the first episode of this...

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