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Poto provided by: Invitation by Amy Jean Davis of LA Animal Save to participate in vigils

LA Animal Save: The Truth Behind What Your Eating

Alison Howard, Web Designer November 2, 2017

Driving down Vernon Street in Downtown Los Angeles, it is hard to miss the vibrant children, pigs, and cows all residing harmoniously on fields of grass. A brown barn has a billboard with the words “Farmer...

Photo provided by: Jennifer Swann; Contemporary Artists Reinvent Traditional Alters at Pullman Dia De Los metros Altar Walk

Dia De Los Muertos

Samin Champion , Staff Writer November 2, 2017

Death, for some, is the finality of all things; for others, it’s the beginning of eternal life. For some Latin American cultures, death is celebrated and welcomed. Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the...

Photo provided by: Bringing Sight to the Blind and Visually Impaired

What It Truly Means To Be An Angeleno

Martina Flores , Opinion Editor November 2, 2017

Many people around the world come to Los Angeles with the intention of seeking a better life. Some people want to make a name for themselves or explore opportunities that weren't revealed to them. Los...

Noel and students in the 10th grade working hard on their novels.

Novel Writing at DVC

Alessandra Pacheco, Features Editor November 2, 2017

During the month of November at DVC, the 10th grade English class will be writing and completing 50,000-word count novels as a new project. Not only are they getting an influx of creative writing at DVC,...

Natasha Morse

A Day in the Life of Natasha Morse

Milan Washington, Staff Writer October 13, 2017

In the year of 2013, Natasha Morse joined the Da Vinci Schools team as a resource specialist and later became our real-world learning director. Morse earned her bachelor's in international affairs...

Photo provided by Town of White Castle; Breast Cancer Walk of 2016.


Vanessa Hernandez , Staff Writer October 13, 2017

Every year during the month of October we acknowledge and applaud the strength of women and their battles with breast cancer. Even with those who lost the battle, we continue to cherish their souls. Breast...

Photo provided by first Person shooter online (Rainbow Six  Siege Reflections)

Trolls and Toxicity in the Gaming Community

Casey Henderson, Staff Writer October 13, 2017

In what has been described as a “heated gaming moment,” Felix Kjellberg, better known by his YouTube alias PewDiePie, used the N-word to insult a fellow gamer while live streaming himself playing the...

Chloe Abeyta (Left) and Jane Earle (Right), the founders of the Pink and Lavender club.

Pink and Lavender

Sophia Solorzano, Multimedia Editor October 13, 2017

September 28, 2017, was the first meeting of the Pink and Lavender club where Jane Earle and Chloe Abeyta, the leaders of the club, gathered information from the history of the LGBT+ community in which...

Future graduates of the class of 2018. Wendy Rodriguez, Isaiah Cornelius, Giovani Ruiz, and Rocio Handal

The Final Frontier

Alessandra Pacheco, Features Editor September 22, 2017

New faces, new looks, and the new graduating class of 2018 has arrived on the Da Vinci Communications scene. It’s the final year, the year right before seniors take the plunge into adulthood and lead...

Its important to celebrate and honor where Hispanic culture comes from.

Hispanic Heritage Month At DVC

Christian Espinoza , Staff Writer September 22, 2017

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time when we can celebrate Hispanic delicacies such as tacos, pupusas, enchiladas and tamales with family and friends. However, it is not always about the food, it is about...

Latin American and Latino Art in LA

Latin American and Latino Art in LA

Samin Champion, Staff Writer September 21, 2017

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is an event hosted by the Getty Foundation that explores and celebrates Latin American and Latino art in SoCal. PST: LA/LA is the successor to the event called Pacific Standard...

Students arrive to the camp to get ready for overnighter.

The Hidden Figures of an Overnight Journey

Kayla Mitchell, Staff Writer September 21, 2017

Coming into any Da Vinci School, the overnighter is definitely one of the most exciting events to look forward to. Many freshmen go to overnighter without knowing the significance behind it. Overnighter...

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