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Is Dancing a Sport?

Cierra Pringle May 23, 2020

The question has been up for debate for many years. Should dance be considered a sport? Some argue that it, of course, is a sport. Others argue that it’s nowhere near being nor should be considered a...

The Bullying Catastrophe

Adali Trujillo May 23, 2020

Young Americans ages 12-18 get bullied within one school year. 160,000 of those teens tend to skip school at least every month because of how unsafe they feel getting bullied. School environments we...

Menstrual Products Are Not A Luxury. Period.

Ashley Quic May 23, 2020

Photo credit: Ashley Quic From the time a young girl begins her journey into womanhood, she will have the necessity of buying various womanly products to make her comfortable with new changes. This...

Finding Yourself in the Neverending Tale of Beauty Standards

Isabel Umekubo, Photo and Video Editor May 23, 2020

If you think this is going to be your regular uplifting, inspiring speech about body image, you have come to the wrong place. The stars of the new century have brought forth brand new beauty standards,...

“I’m Sorry, Are My Shoulders Distracting You?”

Chelsea McKinnon, Photo and Video Editor May 23, 2020

Since 1969, dress codes have been a focal point among schools around the world. Administration deciding what students can wear and cannot wear. Female students are often “dress-coded” if their skirts/shorts...

Bandwagoning Will Define Our Future As Teens

Nolee Bugarin, Copy Editor May 23, 2020

Tik Tok dances to political stances— today a lot of what youth perceive to be their own opinions tend to be heavily influenced by the content they see on a daily basis. 72% of Instagram users are below...

We Don’t Run America But We Make America Run

Jocelyn Hernandez, Photo and Video Editor May 23, 2020

(Photo credit: Nitish Meena) The inequitable justices that happened hundreds, of years ago with Latinos migrating from the land from which they originated to the United States had begun for a better...

All Hail The Tiger King

Kaiya Alsobrook May 1, 2020

Netflix has found a way to master the art of storytelling with the release of its new hit documentary series“Tiger King”. This eight-episode series reveals all the secrets of people in the big cat...

25 Years Without The Queen of Tex-Mex Selena Quintanilla

Veronica Sierra April 27, 2020

“Twenty-five years after her death, Selena still lives through her amazing legacy that is passed down through generations.” (PC by Flickr) Selena Quintanilla-Perez also known as the Queen of...

Talking Periods… and not the Grammatical Kind

Maya Lyou April 27, 2020

Menstruation products and feminist symbols art ( Period poverty is not an uncommon phrase within the feminist community, but where it’s not so typical is modern-day society. Around...

On My Block Season 3 Review

Scarlet Ruiz April 16, 2020

Get ready to get spooked on 16th street by Lil Ricky and his cuchillos. The Netflix original show ‘On My Block’ returns with a third season, but will it live up to the hype and appraisal it has...

‘Gentefied’ Review: They Have 99 Problems and Can’t Escape One

‘Gentefied’ Review: They Have 99 Problems and Can’t Escape One

Bridget Reyes April 16, 2020

  Source: Netflix  *Spoiler Alert* Netflix recently released an original show called Gentefied. Not only does this show scream bad luck but it also gives a pretty intimate look at the Morales...

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