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  • May 14, 10:50 amGrad Night is on May 23rd! Tickets go on sale May 21st from 12:00-2:00 p.m. on campus.
  • May 3, 3:56 amThe new school schedule will begin Tuesday, May 4th. Be sure to arrive to class at 8:40 a.m.
Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A

Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A

Jolie Gomez, Mason Zetina, and Valerie Palomo September 16, 2019

"On August 12, Popeyes released its new chicken sandwich nationwide, which immediately grew in popularity and sparked a frenzy on social media.  People all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat...

Amazon Fires

Kimberly Perez, Staff Writer September 16, 2019

It’s been many weeks since news of the Amazon Rainforest fires has surfaced, meanwhile, concern continues to spread among students and staff and questions regarding solutions begin to rise.  The...

Picture of Paradise Island, Bahamas (Pic Credits:Morgan Daniels)

Living in the Bahamas

Morgan Daniels , Social Media Editor September 16, 2019

On August 28, 2019, a warm day on Providence Island, Vincent Hall wakes up and gets ready for his job as Director of Security at a Hotel on Paradise Island. He greets the townspeople as he gets out of...

Reconstruction of Rules for the New School Year

Reconstruction of Rules for the New School Year

Xochitl Marin, Staff Writer September 16, 2019

The start of a new school year came with many changes such as new freshmen faces, new administration, new staff members, and most notably new policies.  A widely discussed rule that was established...

Influxion Of New Coaches For Sports Teams at Da Vinci Schools Brings Curiosity to Who.

Nolee Bugarin, Copy Editor September 16, 2019

WISEBURN— With the seasons of sports rotating back into motion, returning athletes share both old and familiar faces with the reapplication for coaching positions.  Da Vinci’s athletics facility...

Christopher Jackson, an English teacher, was one of the few teachers that were teamed with the green team who was one of the fierce competitors during the color wars. “My favorite experiences were just how they just embody that competent, competitive spirit and also, just fire that Im so used to from playing football,” Jackson said.

New Year, New Overnighter

Jocelyn Hernandez and Chelsea McKinnon September 16, 2019

On Tuesday, August 28th, the freshman and teachers participating in the Overnighter, traveled to a new location, Camp Pondo, for their first year in order to bond as a class and to get to know their teachers.  The...

Career Day

Sarah Carrillo , Staff Writer May 14, 2019

Last Tuesday DVC held their first Career Day with all three schools, which enabled students to find out more information about career paths they are interested in pursuing. DVC Counselors Jennifer Barba...

Students on the robotics team posing with their victory banner/Geovani Espinoza Vitruvian Post

Vitruvian Bots Victories

Geovani Espinoza , Social Media Editor April 12, 2019

The weekend of March 30-31 the Da Vinci Robotics team 4201, The Vitruvian Bots, competed in the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Ventura Regional Robotics Competition and...

Spreading the word on climate change

Sarah Carrillo , Staff Writer April 12, 2019

The junior Biology room presented about different ways they were able to vocalize and take action in reducing climate change during the 2019 Exhibition Showcase. Juniors worked hard within the project...

Jordan Foster/VP

Girls in Coding

Jordan Foster , Staff Writer April 12, 2019

Girls have been stuck in the dominant narrative as not being skilled enough to be in the coding field. At DVC girls are free to code and prove a point in Computer Science as they showcase their recent...

Parents at DVC’s 2019 Exhibition. Samin Champion/VP

Informed or Bored?

Kayla Mitchell , Editor in chief April 11, 2019

DVC's 2019 Spring Exhibition has been one that many have called different from the years previous. At the second Exhibition of the school year, the parent attendance ratio has decreased compared to previous...

Da Vinci rock band at exhibition.
Daniela Calderon

DVC Rock Band Performs Queen at Exhibition

Daniela Calderon, Staff Writer April 11, 2019

On exhibition night Rock Band took the time to perform hit songs with performances by students from all three schools. These photos were taken of just some of the talents showcased last night. On top...

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