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Do DVC Students Want to Attend School Dances?

Vivian De Waart and Victor Pulido November 21, 2019

As homecoming loomed around the corner, many students were skeptical if they should attend the formal dance. In the past, Da Vinci School dances saw issues of limited attendance and low school spirit.  Donald...

The Mystery Of The Boys Bathroom: What Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

The Mystery Of The Boys Bathroom: What Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

Geovani Espinoza and Sarah Carrillo November 21, 2019

In the first few weeks of November, the boys’ restroom was closed due to vandalization inside one of the stalls, which shaped into a common occurrence as the month progressed.  After the boys' restroom...

A+ grade written on a test paper.

The New Grading Scale Gone Unspoken

Casey Hartley November 19, 2019

A little less than two months of school have passed, and possibly the biggest change for students’ grades has gone unnoticed.  When the Da Vinci Schools Board met on June 19, 2019, a change in all...

Too Much Work?

Too Much Work?

Morgan Daniels November 19, 2019

As DVC gets to the thick of the first semester, work begins to pile up, but according to students, there is too much work piling up. Homework is one of the top reasons for stress among high school students,...

Students buying chips during passing period

Is Selling Chips During School Allowed?

Valerie Palomo  November 19, 2019

At DVC, selling items on campus such as chips, candy, or other snacks is becoming more common even though selling items during school hours is against school policy.  For students, it is an easy way...

New Teachers Adapting To DVC

New Teachers Adapting To DVC

Adali Trujillo November 4, 2019

For new staff, it hasn’t been easy to adapt to the way DVC operates as far as unique schedules, CD, Advisory and students’ comfortability.  Within these ten weeks of school new teachers have been...

The Vaping Epidemic at DVC

The Vaping Epidemic at DVC

Chelsea McKinnon and Jacob Flowers November 1, 2019

For many, vaping is seen as a new trend that came from the 2010s, but it’s now associated for roughly 1,604 cases of unidentified lung illness and 26 deaths across the United States as of October 22nd. Invented...


Maya Lyou and Cierra Pringle October 31, 2019

Figuring out whether to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or ACT (American College Test) can be a difficult decision to make during your junior and senior years of high school.  The SAT consists...

Spirit Week

Charles Skinner October 30, 2019

Spirit week has started and students are celebrating their school by participating in activities related to Halloween, grade-level colors, and competing in friendly competitions.  Each day of spirit...

Breast Cancer Awareness

Kimberly Perez October 30, 2019

October brings feelings of joy and festivity to DVC students with Halloween looming on the horizon, however, Breast Cancer Awareness is a campaign that lasts the entire month of October and brings attention...

School Parking Lot Safety

Anthony Gadioma, Staff Writer October 22, 2019

Although being on your phone can be fun and entertaining, it is also a distraction that has recently become a safety issue in Da Vinci’s school parking lot.  It is no surprise that smartphones have...

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