The Vitruvian Post

A Letter from the Editor

Sarah Ceja, Editor-In-Chief

November 9, 2016

“I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information.” - Christopher Hitchens

The Life of a Counselor

Sophia Solorzano, Staff Writer

October 20, 2016

The duties of counselors differ based on the grade level their students are in. Counselors tend to focus on student violence, inclusion, anti-bullying and helping children manage their emotions in and outside of the classroom. Here at Da Vinci Communications High School, the counselors Brittany Goodac...

Stop and Frisk or Racial Profiling?

A Black Lives Matter protester holding a sign saying

Tyler Phillips, Staff Writer

October 20, 2016

Stop! Get on the ground! Hands behind your back! How many times do the police stop African American males because they assume these men are a threat? Police officers, suspicious of individuals, may question or search them without warrant on the basis of probable cause. New York City had a high perce...

Senioritis: You can fight this!

Josh Villa, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

Sen·ior·i·tis - A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. It’s more real than what they serve for school lunch.

It’s More Than Just Black and White

Janae Polk, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

Teacher Diversity is one of the most controversial issues within schools across the nation. At Da Vinci, the diversity of the student population is extremely high, but much debate has risen due to the lack of diversity amongst the staff. Students hold no judgment against the lack of diversity, but do share their concerned thoughts.

The Return of the Overnighter

Audrey Douglas, Staff Writer

September 8, 2016

“Fun.” “Best experience.” “Great opportunity.” “Impactful.” “Highlight of the year.” The Overnighter: a Da Vinci tradition where every freshmen attends a two day, one night, field trip at Camp Conrad-Chinnock in San Bernardino, CA. The Overnighter is known to be an un...

Will Da Vinci Continue To Be A Family?

Crystani Freeman, Web Director

September 8, 2016

Soon to be high school Freshman applied to Da Vinci Science and Design in 2013, with the desire of attending one of the two schools. Students were either accepted, turned away, or waitlisted. Those who fit into an entirely different category reluctantly applied to Da Vinci Communications (DVC), the baby ...

Building A Family

Brittney Mercado and Riley Arnold

September 8, 2016

Three weeks into a freshman's first year at Da Vinci Communications, they assume they know everybody and have found their friends for the rest of the year. Then, they are taken to one of Da Vinci Schools’ signature events: the Overnighter. In the beginning, students are simply informed that they a...

Seniors Embarking On the Next Chapter

Brittney Mercado, a senior at Da Vinci Communications, has already started thinking about what she plans to do in the future.

Martina Flores and Joyous Sanders

September 8, 2016

Senior year. The most stressful yet memorable year of high school. And for the Da Vinci Communications High School seniors, it’s definitely an unforgettable one - especially since they’re the very first graduating class. Da Vinci Communications first opened in the fall of 2013 with its first set...

Does Da Vinci Really “Do Things Differently?”

Brianna Willis, Editor: DVC News

September 8, 2016

From learning through unique projects, having close relationships with teachers, and taking trips to further cultivate school culture, Da Vinci Schools do things very differently. Da Vinci is not your average high school. There are not 1,000 students who get into fights daily and see each other a...

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