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Janae Polk , Staff Writer February 16, 2017

We women carry the weight of the world on our backs Water Jugs Baskets of Food Babies Backpacks The burden of men   Our baskets may be filthy, but we are not Our backpacks...

I love spicy foods

Giovanni Ruiz, Student Contributor January 27, 2017

I love spicy foods I'm not talking about Tabasco and hot Cheetos   I'm talking about my mom's habanero and chile de arbol salsa See in my household we put salsa on everything We’re used...

A Negro’s Cry

Janae Polk, Staff Writer January 27, 2017

It wasn’t sorrow and pain in their eyes, it was rage The shame lay beneath the eyes of the once innocent The once pure, The once saved Copper skin has always been a beauty deficiency to the bluest...

Hate is for the Weak and Love is for the Strong

Nile Barnes, Staff Writer January 27, 2017

  Hating the people that broke you is easy, and loving them is hard. Hating the the ones that robbed you of joy, and made you pull the last card. Hating the ones who hated you when you were trying...


Janae Polk , Staff Writer December 9, 2016

Growing up misunderstood is a beautiful thing The time I spent alone, or rather the time I was left alone I thought, my mind opened like the doors of heaven I saw the light   The fright...

The Eighth Day

Tatiana Uribe, Staff Writer December 9, 2016

She has stood tall and welcoming for hundreds of years, Her fiery presence a beam of freedom in an unforgiving world. The waves of hope have crashed at her feet for long, But with the eighth...

I Am Who I Like

Janae Polk , Staff Writer October 20, 2016

  I like my brown skin, the color I live in I like my thick brown hair, it’s a work of art I like my big head, it gives me more room to think I like my big eyes, they see everything Brown...

Black is Worthless

Makaila Conley, Staff Writer October 20, 2016

It's sad to know that you are going to die one day, to know that you were created on this Earth to live and now you are going to die one day, To know that the streets you walk are not safe It's sad...

Free as the Ocean

Ashley Doyen, Entertainment Editor October 20, 2016

Happiness is the sound of the waves crashing around me It is smelling the salt from the sea in the air Happiness is the clear blue of the ocean lapping at my feet Hawaii is my happiness The...

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