Body Language Can Tell You What The Mouth Can’t

Body language is the language that can show how a person is feeling and presenting themselves. It is a movement that releases energy that some people can’t vocalize. It is a way to tell the accuracy of the main scoop that is portrayed by anyone that comes along the way in any environment. 

The mind is actually the main target that controls our body language. Also, the emotions inside the human body, that releases that energy in our body language. Tyler Mar, the 11th-grade Biology teacher at DVC, had a very interesting viewpoint and conclusion on how body language is connected to our minds. 

“We know that our body is controlled neurologically by the brain. It’s from synapses from the neurons inside the brain that sends messages down the spine, to all the muscles that tell our body to move,” Mar said. 

Emotions are also shown through body language which shows many individuals the type of emotion that a person is feeling. Janeé Gerard, the 10th-grade chemistry teacher at DVC gave a captivating relation on how the emotions of an individual are released by their body language. 

“Obviously emotions are involved with that and emotions have to do with a lot of different things. They’re all chemical and based on chemical process,” Gerard said.  

Looking further into the importance of body language, there is one particular action that many individuals release with their body language: the action of lying. Lying is more of an equivocation which gives the overall meaning of not telling the truth. Now every single person has their own path of lying to others. Each individual does lie to some extent to cover up anything in their tracks to not reveal the truth at any cost. 

Therefore, there are actually many clear noticeable signs that show how any individual is being dishonest. According to Time, an article called “How to Tell If Someone is Lying to You, According to Experts” gives an overview summary on key points anyone can use to tell if someone is being dishonest. In this article, the use of the term “body cues” to explain how to know if someone is lying. Body cues are actually ways to see how the movement of an individual is being used to release emotion. For instance, if someone is lying, the first body cue would be their hands since many liars do use their hands as a way to show that energy off. Liars tend to use hand gestures after they speak instead of using those gestures while being in the conversation. Actually, one way to know if someone is lying is if the individual is itching, fidgeting, rocking back and forth, or if their feet are moving or shuffling around. These are important body cues to recognize in any situation to see if the person you’re talking to is lying. 

Different job fields like psychology use body language in their work to understand the human body and the emotions that connect them all. Ryan Gierman, the Psychologist at DVC has a wide range of perspectives on his meaning of body language. 

“Body Language to me is a form of communication, nonverbal communication. Congenial behavior like thoughts and feelings connect with our body language,” Gierman said. Body language use is a principle that should be viewed more in society. An article released from Helpguide on body language called “Nonverbal Communication and Body Language”  releases a final message. The article states, “While the key to success in both personal and professional relationships lies in your ability to communicate well, it’s not the words that you use but your nonverbal cues or “body language” that speak the loudest,” (