The Truth Behind Tarot

Jocelyn Hernandez

Though tarot card reading has become widely popular on social media platforms, it wasn’t too long ago that there was a negative social stigma attached to the idea of them. Now, a new outlook on card reading has been set forth, and more people are using them without being well educated enough to start their modernist spiritual journey.


What are Tarot cards? 

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The tarot deck, Modern Witch, by Lisa Sterle, offers the 75 card set, with an instructional guide to reading tarot. “You should be drawn to a certain Tarot deck whether if you’re buying it online, Barnes Nobles, or even a witch store, your intuition should lead you to your designated deck,” said Neidrauer. 

The practice of tarot reflects our everyday walking life, the mirror version of our souls, other souls, and the inner key to wisdom. Tarot consists of 78 cards with different images that reflect the name of each indicated card. Tarot practicing gains insight between the past, present, and future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting the cards. Tarot is not intended to answer specific yes or no questions, nor to predict the future, because nothing in tarot is promised because of its divine timing. The practice of tarot shouldn’t be used to make decisions, but instead should be used as a guiding source to help make the decision yourself.

The work of shadow work

(Photo Credit: Jocelyn Hernandez)

The use of candles, crystals, and sage, helps take away any negative spirits and gets you in a better calming state for future Tarot reading sessions. “The use of sage brings relaxation to your soul, with the set prayer of taking away any negative energy that may interfere,” said Vallejo. 

Your spiritual tarot journey can start by doing your shadow-work beforehand. Shadow work consists of the categories of being able to start believing your worth and that things will gradually get better within the span of time and self-evaluation. The process is paying attention to the emotions you feel and being able to identify the “shadow”, as well as what makes it so negative and so positive. Nurture your inner child and its past wounds by investigating your feelings objectively with compassion. 

Senior Joselyn Gallagher hasn’t started her spiritual journey but is overly impressed and interested in the spiritual work of tarot. 

“I’m interested in getting into Tarot because people believe that I have psychic abilities,” said Gallagher. “In general, I’m still exploring ways to help myself heal and I haven’t tried using spiritual techniques yet. I know my mom has been healing her inner child and since her journey, I have seen positive changes. For some background, my mom has been taking spiritual classes for years and she even has a side business where she offers reiki healing sessions.” 

The work of shadow-work can start by setting time aside for meditation, manifesting small goals, sagging your home, collecting healing crystals, writing in a journal, banishing the shame and facing the inner child’s pain, and talking to someone you truly trust, like a therapist. 

Adam Vallejo, a sibling to a well-practiced witch, has gotten introduced to the spiritual world of Tarot, crystals, and the work of sage.

“My family is really familiar with the shadow work,” said Vallejo. “Typically my sister since we tend to use sage and collect crystals since both of them are healing resources that help us for the better.” 

Amber Neidrauer, a representative of the spirituality community who practices Tarot, believes that shadow work is key when it comes to starting your spiritual journey. 

“Shadow work is so important because it helps you work through issues that are holding you back in life! It’s not a substitute for therapy but it can kind of follow the same principles!” said Neidrauer.

How can you start reading Tarot for yourself? 

Reading Tarot cards for yourself is interesting, fun, and sometimes overwhelming. It’s the way to trust your intuition and get the guidance you’re looking for. Whether it’s for relationships, financial statuses, personal evolvement, or even career-wise. 

Gallagher believes that it all reflects trusting your intuition and evaluating the significance of each card that’s pulling out during a reading. 

“Tarot is based on your intuition. Each card has a meaning, but with your intuition, you choose a card that has or will eventually have significant meaning to your life.” expressed Gallagher. “A reader giving the reading will determine why your intuition chooses the cards you picked and how the meanings relate to each other and you. These sessions can give hope to people who are experiencing struggles, show new perspectives, give closure, etc.” 

To create the most reliable intuitive reading for yourself, you need to be in a space where your body feels welcome and includes the cards. One often lights a candle, sages the environment beforehand,  chooses a crystal that best reflects off your reading question, and uses sagging the cards to prevent any negative energy that wishes to interfere.

Neidrauer believes that one should start their spiritual journey with self-relaxation. 

“As cliche as sounds, the best way to start is to mediate! Take the time out of your day to journal, to meditate, to make a calm and sacred space for yourself. The first steps are getting to know yourself and what you want for yourself,” said Neidrauer. 

Neidrauer strongly suggests that one should practice on yourself first with being committed to practicing the interpretation of each indicated card. 

“My biggest advice is to practice every day. Pull one card, or more, a day before your day begins and then reflect at the end of the day on if it was correct and how, if it was,” advised Neidrauer. “Practice makes perfect and finding your own ways to interpret the cards is always the first step.”

Getting really open and heart-to-heart with the question you plan to ask makes the relationship a whole lot better with your cards and is more likely to get a clearer response from the cards. 

When one shuffles, your best action is to channel your energy into the reading, focus on your question, and trust your institution. When cards decide to fly out or stick out while your shuffle begins to examine each card and start evaluating and reflecting on the response that is given. 

A deck of Tarot often comes with a guiding source that helps indicate what each card means. The source Tarot card meanings guidebook is a book that helps indicate the deeper meaning of each card. 

How has tarot helped others?

The use of tarot can often be seen as therapeutic indicating that it’s healing, that it’s helping people function better because of the guidance the cards provide. Tarot is known to help people understand themselves in different unique ways, which is often healing and helps them understand how to make decisions and evaluate why they’re behaving the way they are. 

 Gallager strongly thinks that Tarot is a reliable source to help many people while trusting your intuition or if you even see a professional tarot card reader. 

“My overall experience with tarot readings was very accurate. I used to not believe in spiritual ideas, but I’ve witnessed things that I couldn’t find a scientific explanation for. Even in my tarot sessions, a psychic brought up specific things in my life that no one has told me before.” said Gallager. “Everything that was said was only specific to me. I highly recommend everyone to have a tarot reading, because it is a great experience and you may witness something that you never thought could be possible.” 

Tarot is known to help people understand themselves in different unique ways, which is often therapeutic, and helps them understand how to make decisions and evaluate why they’re behaving the way they are. 

Neidrauer believes that Tarot not only helps self-evaluation to herself but for those seeking direction through her help.

“Tarot helps me know my situation or where the path I’m on is going to lead me! I’ve seen it help people to realize that they need to work on themselves or that they don’t NEED another person to complete themselves,” said Neidrauer. “It can give relief in a situation where you feel like you’re going nuts and no one else can see what’s going on around you.” 

Vallejo believes that Tarot not only helps the individual doing Tarot but helps those who seek guidance from the Tarot card reader. 

“Tarot is really complex since most of the time my sister does readings for other people. They tend to always reach out for guidance for relationships, careers, financial, or even health-wise and it always seems to help them,” said Vallejo. 

No one is really limited for what they can ask the cards since one can always ask questions like “How is my week going to look like” “Will blank ever reach out to me?”, “Will I ever get that job?”, and “Will I recover from this illness?” Tarot is a really complex subject that is flexible. 

Is Tarot a reliable source? 

Tarot can often be seen as a source that isn’t reliable but seen as a scam of cards setting false predictions for those who seek direction.

Neidrauer believes that Tarot is a resource tool that is undoubtedly reliable because of the guidance from the universe, spirits, or gods whichever one tends to prefer to believe in. 

“I believe that Tarot is as reliable as any other tool. It comes down to how much stock you’re putting into the cards, honestly. It is a tool meant to be used but always remember that nothing is 100% infallible,” said Neidrauer.

The question is are you seeing a reliable Tarot card reader? Are you practicing well enough in order to get an accurate response from the reading?

Gallagher believes that one should trust the process of getting a Tarot reading and finding the correct tools to get the most accurate reading possible. 

”I believe tarot is a reliable source, because the process is based on your needs. It definitely depends on who’s giving the readings. For example, I trust a family friend who is psychic and she offers tarot readings. Places near tourist attractions are questionable. That being said, it’s always good to ask questions to a tarot card reader that will help you build trust before the reading (especially if you’re paying). Having a reliable reader is important because they are using their intuition to help communicate your needs based on your intuition,” said Gallagher. 

Vallejo gives credence to the work of Tarot because of the overall practice it consists of and the work of higher gods giving their guidance through the cards and the one giving the reading.

“Tarot is a reliable source since my sister has gotten many great reviews from her clients and how much it resonated with their question and real-life experiences,” said Vallejo. 

Tarot may not be for everyone. Tarot can spark any individual to their interests of starting to read Tarot or just simply getting a reading from one who does Tarot. It’s all in trusting one’s own intuition and the process of these cards.