Class of 2021 Facing Senioritis

Milan Boykins

A visual representation of the sense of relief in individuals, which serves as a reference to the senioritis being experienced this senior year for the class of 2021. Photo Creds: Megan Krueger

As college applications approach and deadlines uprising, the seniors have been under a lot of pressure, and being in a worldwide pandemic doesn’t make their situation any better. 


For the past two months, seniors and others have been working from home. Schools are trying to do the best they can to accommodate the pandemic restrictions and still continue senior activities. Activities such as homecoming, prom, grad night, and graduation are still questionable. Seniors are trying their best to still stay motivated but school hasn’t been others’ first priority.


Senioritis is the common term used to describe the exhaustion and lack of energy to feel motivated to finish their final year of high school or college. The percentage of students who are experiencing senioritis has grown tremendously this year. With COVID-19 hitting the country, seniors are having a severe lack of encouragement to complete the year.


After talking to a couple of seniors, 53% of them have stated that they are experiencing senioritis but this one student, in particular, said something that really stood out. 


“This year not only has shown me the obstacles of life but has also shown me the struggles of school and how everything is temporary,” said Carlos Ordonez, a senior at DVC. I’ve lost motivation in and out for school but what keeps me going is to think of the finishing product. Don’t waste four years of your life for nothing.” 


Carlos explains how he has been losing motivation for school but keeping a positive mindset and trying to finish the year off strong is what keeps him going. 


After sending surveys out to 37 seniors, a lot of seniors stated how they were experiencing senioritis. DVC has a small class of seniors but 53% of them still agreed to experiencing senioritis. While 31% of seniors voted they haven’t experienced it and the other 15% stated not yet, meaning they may experience it later on. This survey can show and help the school on the status of their seniors and how they’re feeling about the school year. During this time, it’s important for teachers to try to promote as many activities as possible for these seniors to keep their motivation going.

The Senior Committee at DVC is also trying their best to save the seniors. With the majority of their events being canceled, the committee is still trying to come up with alternative and virtual events to make up for the cancellation.


 “We’re already in the process of publishing announcements for the upcoming senior events,” said Dejah Pope, a student leader for the Senior Committee. “So far we were able to get approved on virtual game night and movie night.”


News media sources, such as CBS News and NPR, are claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine should release early next year of 2021. When the vaccine is released and COVID-19 cases decrease, then schools in California may resume in-person learning with social distancing restrictions. Returning back to school can decrease the number of senioritis experiences.


Students are wanting to return back to in-person school because they state that they learn better while being on campus. 


“One of the causes of my senioritis is not being on campus because I don’t feel I can learn correctly while being cooped up in my room, it’s unmotivating,” said Jesus Mesa, a senior at DVC. “When I’m at school, I’m surrounded by students that are all focused and more eager to learn.”


In order to decrease the number of senioritis experiences in class of 2021, DVC would need to return back to in-person learning. The more these students are held in their room, the more they lose motivation to learn and stay educated.