Recap of the MLB 2020 World Series

Scott Felt

This World Series was the end to a season to which we have never seen before. This is because of COVID; many teams and players were affected which is why this season is so intriguing. The season ended with a showdown between the Rays and Dodgers to battle it out for the World Series title.

This is a photo of the game one program taken at the Globe Life Field stadium (Photo Credit: Scott Felt) 


Game 1

Los Angeles Dodgers: 8    Tampa Bay Rays: 3 

LAD Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw – 6.0 IP(innings pitched) 2 H(hits) 1 ER(earned run) 1 BB(walk) 8 SO(Strikeouts)

Rays Pitcher: Tyler Glasnow – 4.1 IP 3 H 6 ER 6 BB 8 SO


The Dodgers take game 1 and it is because nothing could get in the way of their offense and Kershaw had an outstanding performance in the postseason which doesn’t happen very often. 


“They had better at-bats than us,” said Kevin Kiermaier, whose fifth-inning solo shot was the Rays’ only run off Kershaw. “And did all the little things right.” 


(MLB 2020).


“Glas(Glasnow) would be the first to recognize that. But we didn’t do a good job of holding the runners on. We can’t let them double-steal right there.” said Kevin Cash, one of the managers for the Rays. “Then when they got over to Muncy, we needed a strikeout. There might be nobody better equipped to get a strikeout right there than Glas.”


(MLB 2020).


This was in response to Mookie Betts stealing two bases against the Rays in one trip around the bases. This game also saw Betts solidify himself as a great postseason player adding a homer and great defense in the right field to his list of accomplishments from game 1. 


Game 2

Los Angeles Dodgers: 4 Tampa Bay Rays: 6

LAD Pitcher: Tony Gonsolin – 1.1 IP 1 H 1 ER 1 BB 1 SO 

TB Pitcher: Blake Snell – 4.2 IP 2 H 2 ER 4 BB 9 SO 


The Rays took game 2 after a dominant outing from Snell which saw him shut down the Dodgers for 4 innings. 


“I attacked the zone really well, mixed it really well, and just did a good job keeping them off-balance,” Blake Snell, a pitcher for the Tampa Rays said. “They’re a pretty selective team, with a couple guys that are aggressive, so I had a pretty good game plan of what I had to do to have success against these guys.” 


(MLB 2020) 


This game saw an offensive explosion from Bradon Lowe, arguably one of the Rays best hitters during the season who had gone 6-56 during the postseason and had two home runs. The Dodgers offensive showed up, it was just never enough, they were playing from behind the entire game which is a hard thing to do when you’re playing against the Rays who have arguably the best bullpen in the league. 


Game 3

Los Angeles Dodgers: 6 Tampa Bay Rays: 2

LAD Pitcher: Walker Buehler – 6.0 IP 3 H 1 ER 1 BB 10 SO 

TB Pitcher: Charlie Morton – 4.1 IP 7 H 5 ER 1 BB 6 SO 


Game 3 saw Buehler dominate the Rays to the point where he was almost unhittable, who came close to striking out more than half of the batters that he faced. This game also saw Morton struggle heavily against the Dodgers lineup, which is staked back to back to back, it’s hard to point out a weakness in the Dodgers lineup and this was clearly shown in game 3. 


“I never really felt comfortable out there,” Morton said. “Just combine that with who they are with the bat, and it made for a rough night.”




But the thing that stood out the most was the Dodgers pitching, who held the Rays to 2 runs and one of those runs was a garbage time home run. Dodgers starters have held the Rays to a .133 (6-for-45) average — the lowest mark allowed by a team’s starters through the first three games of a World Series since the Red Sox in 1915 (.129), per STATS LLC(MLB).

This is where the Dodgers and Rays played game four of the World Series at the new baseball stadium in Arlington, Texas. (Photo Credit: Scott Felt) 

Game 4

Los Angeles Dodgers: 7 Tampa Bay Rays: 8

LAD Pitcher: Julio Urias – 4.2 IP 4 H 2 ER 1 BB 9 SO 

TB Pitcher: Ryan Yarbrough – 3.1 IP 5 H 2 ER 1 BB 1 SO


Game 4 saw the Dodgers beat themselves in the final inning to lose the game to the Rays who didn’t deserve to win. In the final inning, Kenly Jansen was pitching with a runner on first and second, when Brett Phillips stepped up to the plate. He hit a line drive to center field which Chris Talyor bobbled and then recovered to get the ball in cleanly. The runners on second and first took off as soon as the ball was hit. 


The runner on second scored easily, while the runner on first was running as fast as he could to score. That runner on first was rookie phenom Randy Arozarena, who has wheels and can run. But when he rounded third, he stumbled and fell over. 


The catcher who was receiving the throw didn’t know that he had fallen over and rushed the catch so he could tag the runner. 


The catcher Will Smith rushing the catch and taking his eyes off the ball caused him to miss the ball which allowed Arozarena to score even though he had fallen over, which meant the Rays one the game. 


This play mattered more than anything else in the game and this led to the Dodgers beating themselves to lose game 4 to let the Rays win game 4 to tie the world series. 


Game 5 

Los Angeles Dodgers: 4 Tampa Bay Rays: 2

LAD Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw – 5.2 IP 5 H 2 ER 2 BB 6 SO 

TB: Tyler Glasnow – 5.0 IP 6 H 4 ER 3 BB 7 SO 


Game 5 saw Glasnow give up four runs and the Rays could never recover. Kershaw gave up the Rays only two runs then the Dodgers bullpen settled down after a rough outing in the game before and didn’t let the Rays score any more runs. 


The big headline in this game was that Kershaw isn’t like his old self in the fact that he isn’t choking in big games, and giving up 5 runs in the first 3 innings of a game like in the postseason’s past. 


Another thing that became very clear in this game is that the Rays lineup just isn’t producing, their star players aren’t showing up which is why you see players who don’t play every day such as Yandy Diaz who scored one of the Rays only two runs during the game. 


Game 6 

Los Angeles Dodgers: 3 Tampa Bay Rays: 1

LAD Pitcher: Tony Gonsolin – 1.2 IP 3 H 1 ER 2 BB 4 SO

TB Pitcher: Blake Snell – 5.1 IP 2 H 1 ER 0 BB 9 SO


Game 6 saw the Dodgers win the world series for the first time since 1988 and saw the Rays make one of the most questionable calls in postseason history. At the time, the Rays were up 1-0 and there was one out and one on. To that point, Snell had allowed just two hits, whiffed nine, and looked dominant through 73 pitches (MLB). 


This decision says the Rays eventually give up their lead and lose the game. The thought that went into pulling Snell from the game was that he had never gone more than 6 innings throughout the season and they had a trusty bullpen behind him full of weapons. 


The other side to the argument is that stars show up when it matters and they are expected to defy expectations and do things people didn’t think were possible to put their team on the winning side. Snell staying out there and finishing the game would have been one of the all-time great postseason performances that we would have talked about for years to come. 


When it comes to stars, Snell is definitely one of those stars winning the CY Young award which goes to the best pitcher in their conference in 2018. 

Here you can see the playoff bracket along with the outfield of the field where the Rays and Dodgers are playing. (Photo Credit: Scott Felt)