You’re Being Sus!

Adali Trujillo

When an independent game firm produced Among Us in 2018, it was greeted with little fanfare. Like many games, this multiplayer game remained under the radar until the summer of the pandemic. This game caught on like a wildfire by mid-September.


Among Us is a multiplayer game where an alien spacecraft is dropped on between four and 10 players. Each player has a designated role as a “crewmate” or an “impostor”. 


Crewmates have to race around the ship while trying to root out and avoid being killed by one or more impostors, and try to complete a series of tasks. Players can be voted off the ships, or “ejected”, so that every game becomes one of survival of two possible wins for the crew: vote off the impostors successfully or complete all the tasks to win. It’s very simple.

Screenshot of the transition that begins that the game with the player assigned its role. (Adali Trujillo 2020)


“It was pretty easy to learn how to play, there aren’t any instructions provided in the game but it’s pretty self-explanatory and my friends helped me since they had already been playing,” said DVC junior Ayana Alvarado.


As many might agree, it’s much more fun when being an imposter. Especially when no one sees you kill or when they say that “you’re sus”, which is slang within the game that means you’re being suspicious because you’re the imposter.


“It’s exciting because it brings adrenaline whether you’re imposter or not because there is always a risk of either getting caught or killed,” said DVC senior Jolie Gomez.


When either of the 10 players presses the button to hold an emergency meeting, that is when every player comes together to discuss who is sus. For most, this can be the best part of the game. 


¨My favorite part about this game is playing with friends because the chats in the discussion room can be really funny when we are accusing each other,¨ said Alvarado.


A great feature from this game is that a player can change the color of their avatar every time they play or hats to the person. Of course, everyone needs to be one color through the whole game because that’s the easier way to call on people.  

Screenshot of the customizable menu players can access in the lobby to change their avatar’s suit-color or accessories. (Adali Trujillo 2020)


According to, there were 3.8 million players of Among Us at the end of last month, in September, which includes those on Steam and smartphone platforms. The firm also revealed that Among Us was able to draw more than 60 million daily users to the word. On Google Play and the Apple App Store, the multiplayer game has now hit 100 million downloads.


This game has adapted into many lives and has even messed up sleeping schedules. 


“The longest I’ve played in one day was when my friends and I played until 5 am I lost track of time,” said Alvarado. 


Once the imposter kills everyone on the ship, or the crewmates have completed their task, the game will suddenly end. Everyone will know once a black screen pops up that reads Victory.

Imposter’s victory screen after successfully getting rid of all the other players without being caught. (Adali Trujillo 2020)


¨I do recommend this game!” said DVC senior Sonny Guillen. “It is very fun especially when playing with your closest friends. It will have you hooked in a good way and the perfect game to play when you are bored.”