Jumping Into Sports! But with A New Athletic Director…

Sadie Cooper


With the start of a new season coming up for several different sports, returning athletes must soon acclimate to a new athletic director and potentially help find one.


Athletics for Da Vinci (DV) are currently out of the ordinary and not all the way set for both athletes and coaches, while Da Vinci Schools search for a superlative athletic director.


A high school athletic director has to create, manage, maintain, and oversee the athletic program as a whole;  this includes being responsible for anything having to do with athletics such as hiring and managing coaches, and choosing and purchasing equipment. When it comes to sports, they’re more or less the boss.


Although there’s an open spot for an athletic director, a lot of people deliberate about where and what the athletic director’s salary is being used for. Vicente Bravo, Chief Administrative Officer and Athletic Department Overlooker for Da Vinci (DV), says that he can’t give us the exact details, but can give a brief overview of what is happening with the money.


“So, in the end, the money that is there, I mean, the budget, it’s all coming out of the general fund, and it’s already been allocated,” said Bravo. “So we have kind of a range based on what would be fair and equitable for someone coming in in the month of November, and, you know, being here through June, and then we would assess to see whether that person would continue next year or not, and determine that just like we would with any other position after being evaluated.”


Student athletes have an ambivalent reaction when the topic of the search for a new athletic director is brought up, some not even knowing the spot has been open for months, while others have known since the very beginning. Alana Ortiz, a senior at DVS and softball, basketball, and volleyball player, talks about what type of athletic director would be good for our school so that athletes can trust them and know they care.


 “But yeah, just someone who will come and support the games and they’ll show their face at as many games as they could,” says Ortiz. “Just really involved with all of us and listening to feedback and letting us know what’s going on.”


Christopher Jackson, Head Coach of Track and Field and 12th grade English teacher, divulges what he hopes the new athletic director will contribute to Da Vinci (DV) athletics.


“Honestly, just, you know, the love of supporting students and also coaches and the love of the athletic competition that is in high school and also with knowledge, knowledge of how to, to organize and how to promote, you know, like I said, so it’s just all those skills,” said Jackson. “And also, I wish that that the athletic director has assistance, because I can’t harp on it enough that it is a tough job for one person.”


Although sports for Da Vinci (DV) aren’t quite set, considering the fact that there’s still an open position for an athletic director, a lot of factors are coming into play on what the future athletic director will bring and do for all student athletes and coaches to make Da Vinci (DV) sports events more supported and energized. 


“Whether it’s scheduling, whether it’s professional development, recruiting, communicating, all these things, and so it’s, it’s a tough job, it’s a busy job so athletic director, job is no joke,” said Jackson.