For Kobe: Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers Win Championship the Year Kobe Died

Anjhela Henry

This year has been stressful and gloomy, but Los Angeles has now opened a cloud of sunshine by winning two trophies this year. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Lakers both won their finals and were able to bring happiness to the city. They won in Game 6 of their series and despite the long challenges, they persevered and succeeded. Kobe Bryant’s death has had a huge effect on the city of Los Angeles, but it also brought motivation and inspiration for LA to bring home two needed championships. It has been a long road for both teams, but they were inspired to not only win, but to bring one home for Kobe. 

For the Dodgers, they last won the World Series in 1988. Over the years they have been divisional champions many times, but have never swung to win the title. This year they dealt with COVID-19 and the season had been postponed but they were still determined to get a win. Coming close in years before and losing players due to COVID-19, the Dodgers never gave up. After so many years this was a moral victory for all Dodger fans. 

“I was extremely happy to see my Dodgers finally win another World Series,” said DVC Math teacher Donald Puathasnanon. “I still remember watching their last World Series championship in 1988 with my family when I was younger. It was such an exciting back then but experiencing it this time around with my own family is beyond amazing!”

The Dodgers through the seasons got more players and they had a huge part in the Dodger fans being able to celebrate their win. 

“I was super excited to see the Dodgers win,” said Makayla Wilson, junior at DVC and self-proclaimed Dodgers fan. “I was so excited that I remember that night I went to my car and honked the horn so loud and yelled “Mookie Betts!”.”

Mookie Betts was traded this year during the offseason from the Red Sox and he was a big part of this win. 

“I was traded for this reason,” Betts said in an interview with the New York Times. “I’m proud of myself and proud of the guys for accomplishing it.”

For the Lakers, their last win was a decade ago. Their team has changed a lot over the years and has gone through amazing leadership, such as Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and now they have LeBron James. This year, the Lakers were on a mission to win and they added many new players to their team to help them do so. Anthony Davis was one of those new players and a star player who helped Lakers pull a win, and his first NBA title. He was motivated and inspired to represent the Lakers dynasty and that wouldn’t be anything without Kobe Bryant. 

“Ever since the tragedy, all we wanted to do is to do it for him, and we didn’t let him down,” Davis said in an interview for the Washington Post. ” … This is a tough moment. He was a big brother to all of us, and we did this for him.”

On the day they won the Finals, it was also National Father and Daughter Day, which was a very important and emotional moment for Kobe’s family and the Lakers. 

“[Kobe’s] whole life was trying to be a good father to, I believe his four daughters, they had,” said Jahari Crawford, junior at DVC and Lakers fan. “So I think the Lakers going out and [winning] it on that day, will definitely hold some extra significant team, [and] his family.”

Kobe Bryant’s death had an affect on the whole city of Los Angeles. He died very suddenly and unexpectedly which made the impact even greater because it made everyone stop and reflect. People then realized that we never know what can happen at any moment. 

“With Kobe’s tragic death in January, the city of LA needed the Lakers and the Dodgers to win to help deal with the loss of someone who meant so much to the city,” said Puathasnanon. “Both teams were undoubtedly motivated by his passing. The Lakers broke every huddle saying, ‘Mamba on 3!’ He was always there guiding them.”

Kobe was not only a basketball player, but a mentor and inspiration to all athletes, fathers, and an admiration for his mentality. 

“His ability to mentaly take care of himself after injuries, push himself past things that others couldn’t, while all being a great role model to many athletes and his family, was something that I looked up to in Kobe,” said Wilson. 

This year has been eventful, but not in the way we’d like. Both the Dodgers and the Lakers winning titles this year was definitely needed and put a smile on many people’s faces. 

“I think that it gave us a little bit of a sense of hope, that you know, even though with everything going on there’s darkness that’s happening in this world and in our country specifically,” said Crawford. “There are good things that can happen that could unite people of all different races and ethnicities [and] genders.”

Los Angeles has gone through a lot of bad this year, but those bad things have given much motivation to do better and to persevere. The Lakers and the Dodgers were determined, and inspired to win this year and were able to bring the city of LA together for Kobe.

Kobe Bryant Memorial at Los Angeles Lakers Facility in El Segundo.