Make America Sane Again: Vote Blue

Maya Lyou

In just a few days, the 2020 election will be over, and one of two candidates will be running our country for the next four years. Almost always, there is an extreme amount of controversy surrounding politics and candidates. Except this election, deciding the president is more than just parties and policies – it’s about human rights.


It is necessary that the nation knows and acknowledges that people’s human rights are on the line, just as they have been the last four years under the Trump administration. Important issues like healthcare, immigration, DACA, climate change, police reform, LGBTQ+ rights, the free press, religious freedoms, abortion access, education, and so much more are at stake. Many of these are human rights that should not be part of a political game.


Many citizens are not “fans” of Donald Trump (the Republican candidate) or Joe Biden (the democratic candidate). People refuse to vote and support either of the candidates so they either skip voting or vote 3rd-party. By doing either of those, you’re essentially voting for Trump. Whether you like it or not, our two system party forces us to choose one of these candidates and they’re going to become your president. You are being given the opportunity to have a say and you’re passing that opportunity up. People also claim that they “aren’t political” or don’t pay attention to politics. This is a perfect example of having the privilege to believe that politics doesn’t affect you – except they do. These policies shape your life; and what you can and cannot do. 


All over social media is the phrase “Settle for Biden,” and although yes, we are settling for Biden, we need to do more than settle. We need to vote. If it’s not a vote FOR Biden – it’s a vote for Trump, whether it’s an actual direct vote for Trump, a 3rd party vote, or no vote at all. 


Although Biden is not “for” these completely left-wing ideas that much of Gen-Z and young leftists believe in, his center ideas are what we need to be settling for. This democratic party serves to be the most progressive Democratic party we’ve ever had. Trump lacks basic human decency, unlike Biden who proves to be someone who is a believer in compromise and who will admit to his mistakes. Biden has had to learn to live with a stutter, cope with the death of both his wife and his daughter in a car crash, the death of one of his sons from brain cancer, and one of his sons battling drug addiction. From experience, he has extreme empathy and compassion for the people, which is what our country needs most. 


“It’s true that he is now promoting a more liberal agenda than past Democratic nominees, including phasing out carbon emissions by 2050, expanding Medicare and trillions of dollars in economic stimulus,” said Max Boot in an article by the Washington Post. “But that is not because he has suddenly shifted to the left. It’s because much of the country has moved left as a result of three crises — systemic racism, covid-19 and global warming.”


Biden may not support medicaid for all, but he has a plan to keep the Affordable Care Act, which now serves as a way for many people to have safe medical insurance. Trump plans to take away the Affordable Care Act, which would leave millions of citizens without medical insurance in the middle of a pandemic. Trump does not have a plan for the coronavirus and he’s already let 231,000 people die from it. He knew the seriousness of the virus when it first started to spread and downplayed it. All he’s done is politicized it and treated the virus just the way he referred to it as – a “hoax.” Biden has a plan for the coronavirus and he plans to listen to the scientists who have been studying and learning everything about the coronavirus for the last 11 months. 


Many lifelong Republicans have even made a plan to vote for Biden, refusing to support Trump and his policies. Scott Carey, a columnist for the Tennessean, has always voted Republican and stood by conservative views and policies. This election, he knows everything that is at stake. 

“Biden is not a perfect candidate but he is a good and decent man who cares deeply about people. He is running for all of the right reasons and is a problem solver who will work with Republicans to address critical issues facing us during this time of unprecedented upheaval,” said Carey. “He will restore honor and dignity to the White House, and will respect the law and our judicial system.”

Many people also argue that Biden is just as bad as Trump – or even worse. They both have questionable pasts, but critiquing politicians is what we should always do – including the ones we’re rooting for. Biden has made racist remarks and decisions in the past, but these decisions took place over 40 years ago and he has vowed to ease racial divisions. This is incomparable to Trump, who has RECENTLY made hundreds of racist remarks. He refused to condemn white supremacy during their first presidential debate, has told congresswomen of color to “go back from where they came from,” and has called Mexican immigrants rapists. He constantly proves that he does not care for people of color and has done nothing but harm these communities. 


Biden is not perfect. He’s flawed. Yet he knows when he messes up. He apologizes when he messes up. His goal is to unite Democrats and Republicans, not divide them. He’s a problem solver and will help get our country back on track to a better future.


A vote for Biden is vote for legal and safe abortions. A vote for Biden is a vote for a $15 minimum wage. A vote for Biden is a vote for reallocating police budgets. A vote for Biden is a vote for a free coronavirus vaccine. A vote for Biden is a vote for increased access to healthcare. A vote for Biden is a vote for the future of our planet.


Make American sane again. Vote blue.