The Lovely Dull Reflection Of 2020

Adali Trujillo

Long ago, in the prehistoric year of 1998, Disney released the animated princess musical film which was also an action movie Mulan. It featured a female Chinese warrior and legend Hua Mulan, who took her father’s position to fight for the emperor’s army. 


In the movie, it shows how culture is very important to the Chinese. It was traditional that the woman gets matched with someone to marry without even knowing them and for the woman to be the one to stay home cook and not be involved with the different battles their husbands or sons had to participate in. As a disguised man, this princess continued to break social boundaries throughout the whole movie.

(Mulan 2020- Eggplant)

According to Vanity Fair, It would’ve been much better for Mulan to hold its retirement after the first release in 1998.But Disney, as it exists now, is not content to let things rest, and so—after tackling live-action remakes of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Alice in Wonderland—they turned their necromancy to Mulan.”

Starring Liu Yifei as Hua Mulan’s newest persona, the film was originally supposed to be released in theaters in March of 2020. Unfortunately due to the horrible COVID-19  pandemic, many films along with Mulan had delayed release dates. Mulan ended up being released in September 2020 via Disney plus where you can access any Disney film or show Disney has created. For four months those with a Disney plus account had access to premiere the animated film for $29.99.

This new movie did have more action and went by a bit faster than the original animated film. Unfortunately, it refused to show us more of what the original movie had. 

Mulan’s story has enjoyed a very major history of transformation and adaptation to the history of China. ¨The earliest written text of Mulan’s story is a folk ballad dating back to the Northern Dynasties in China (386–581 AD). In a little over three hundred words, the Ballad of Mulan tells the story of a girl who dresses as a man and joins the army, taking her father’s place because she has no elder brother to fulfill that role,¨ which was mentioned in History Extra.

One reason is that this new version of Mulan flaunts the power of Chi and shows more of a superhero aspect than a Disney princess. Unlike the animated film, the live-action movie isn’t a musical with no musical sense it showed a really bad reflection to the original. Besides that, it does reference most of the songs from the animated version in many ways. The final downfall from the newest Mulan is that a Phoenix replaces Mushu as their family guardian. As we know in the animated picture her ancestors send the greatest stone dragon to always protect her but in the 2020 film, Mulan’s father informs her that the Phoenix will always be around to protect her and watch over her family. 

What shows the main importance of this movie is how it inspires young girls to be strong and that being feminine is as much strength as not being feminine. That being a warrior isn’t just being about being able to fight. Bustle.

After watching the film it was extremely disappointing not seeing the parts I was most looking forward to. It was definitely a dull reflection of the original. If I were in the position to repurchase the premiere I would definitely not spend my money on it when I can watch the animated film that was much more enticing. A big suggestion I have to you is to save your coins and wait for the non-purchasable release on December 04, 2020.