A Diamond is Assembled Under Pressure.

Valeria Mendoza

What if the “American Dream” was a reality.

Imagine if I was born into a wealthy family.

Only if we were all born with blond hair, light skin, and blue eyes.

Imagine if we all got to the same equal opportunities in life.

What if this world wasn’t full of labels.


What if this indeed was, a land with unlimited opportunities.

Imagine if opportunities were not limited through race.

What if nothing was impossible here.

Maybe then my happiness would awaken.

Maybe, but it’s their world. 

I’m just living in it.


What if, what if, what if.

We’re living on a dream,we are the dream team. 

You really thought the American Dream was real.

Well, think again.

Everything isn’t what it seems

What if it was all a fantasy to begin with. 


We’re a bag of skittles, with various amounts of flavors.

Born and raised on American soil.

It makes no sense

 I am American. 

If only I was seen as one.


Welcome to my world. 

The real world

Not just a typical nation with one nationally.

Not a place where we are all, just accepted.

But where every citizen is a harsh judge.

Running out of patience

Keep that distance, who gets it?


Where the role model of the United States, is somewhat the most hated human being alive.

Where racism is eating us alive. 

This is the land of labels.

I’m sick and tired of living average.


This isn’t for us, we are a different breed, coming from the damaged life

And they wonder why we’re “crazy”.

The beauty of life in the shadows, of the dangerous life

I’m going to be honest it’s hard, it’s not for me, but I’m motivated

Crazy I never thought, I’ll just get used to it all.


What if I could be myself for once. 

Forming this flawless fantasy on this land frequently has been making me fall apart.

Real trust issues, tell me you ain’t noticed


We are where the homeless are just so ordinary.

Where the party is never over.

Tell them why we throw it all away

Where we can’t see one’s true identity

Blinded by our skins

We’re in this forever


Where we’re robbed from our own bodies. 

Where you can’t ever get caught lacking.

Where jail cells are becoming our comfort zone’s.

Our second homes

Waiting on the letters, and the phone calls

We miss there voices, and there smiles we used to get lost in

There not the same, gambling with there life’s

Life’s not fair, they lost themselves in this nonsense

It’s a crooked system

It kills me


It been going on for so long 

Where the police will shoot even though you’re dead, they killing us for no reason

We’re just trying to live.


Where death is so common, many souls are forgotten.

We’re the dirty reeking, musty streets.

Imagine if this was all a lie


Conducting with absent role models 

Living on a strange dream 

While the confused stray are controlling the streets.

The misunderstood lost diamonds

Be something better, bigger

You got to know your worth

Get it right, but they don’t ever listen.

But this is just the way it is


The creation of hopeless drowning emotions 

The exhausting draining journey

The rollercoaster ride

Imagine if an exit was handed to us.


Doing it everyday it turned into a repetition

Where we lie to ourselves, we hide from the pain

Where we run from our problems.

Where the drugs turned them, only if they were color less or wealthy……only if

Really they just trying to numb the pain

And they still wonder why we’re “damaged”


Helicopters in the sky, we was raised on this

Feeling like the Lord missed us, like he doesn’t even care

Never knowing when it’s our time 

We are American and we are in great trouble. 


God’s handiwork, absolutely not.

But the work of men.

No one is held responsible.

To your pain. 

To your suffering.

But a diamond is built under pressure.


This is a land where we all seem to ignore our problems.

Fake our smiles.

Fake our happiness. 

Where no one weeps, no one cries. 


My angel’s from above

Shining star’s in the sky

An unknown zone

Where the streets took my father, relying on my mother.

Gave up her life, the dream

Just to raise me right 

Another woman in your eyes, my world in mine 

My queen, my savior, my heart 

How did you do it all

Picking us back up, even when you were lost.

But I thank you for it all


Fathers, mothers, children poof all disappearing.

Where bodies are dropping daily, by the blink of our eyes.

Where these bullets don’t have no names, even kids are getting hurt

I’m tired of all these funerals 

But we’ve got to be strong, watch me shine for the gone.


Living it, lived it, and never forgetting it 

Hitting rock bottom on my soul, do you feel me 

Made out of steal

Can’t nobody get close to me 

Acting like I’m on top

Even when it all shunk


America is like a book.

Every diamond has its own chapter.

Everyone has their own stories to tell.


There’s no escaping it 

The American struggle

  I seem to find myself fighting to survive. 

The suffocating life 

Drowning in my thoughts 

My heart’s in the right place, but my mind’s trying to keep up


You can see it in my face

You can hardly understand 

Look into my eyes

You got to understand, what the world’s all about


It is what it is 

It’s life 

Life moves on

You keep breathing

We keep living 


No worries, life is hard

Don’t let it phase you

Don’t let them see you down.

You want to be fighting, while observing the world

No hurries, but you must be passionate

As your goals grow, don’t be worried

Wake up, grasp it, and go after it. 


Sit back and pay attention

Patience is critical

Hope is key

Without it your just another coping diamond

Shatter and misread


Douted, but the strongest

Lost, but I’m living

Damaged but I’m whining

In this position you can’t work with your feelings

Everything I’m about to get, I earned it 


Maybe not living an American dream.

But I am a diamond.

And this is my struggle


It’s a beautiful struggle.