Life in the NFL

Scott Felt

In the second week of the 101st NFL season, fans saw a record breaking number of injuries happen to star players during week two. 


During the second week of the NFL season, fans saw players from all teams who are big named guys go down with serious injuries that will stop them from participating for the rest of the season.


Players include Nick Bosa Defensive End for the San Francisco 49ers, Saquan Barkley Running Back for the New York Giants, Courtland Sutton Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos all being out with torn ACL’s. But other players include Christian McCafferey, Running Back for the Carolina Panthers, Jimmy Garrapolo, Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers both having high ankle sprains. There are also many more, that all play a big role for their team and their team’s success all according to ESPN


Throughout the 5 players that I named, they all act as key players for their individual team and it’s their team that will look very different without them according to


For instance, Bosa and Garoppolo are very integral pieces to the 49ers and are big reasons they got to the super bowl last season. Without both of them, the 49ers could turn into the Niners from last year when they went 3-13 which gave them the second overall pick which gave them the opportunity to draft Bosa in the first place to finish constructing the best defensive line in all of football. 


But for players such as Sutton, Barkley, and McCafferey it’s a different story. None of these teams are looking to compete for the playoffs this season, which means they are trying to develop their team which all three of these players need to do because for all three they are the most talented offensive skill position players that each team has. So even if fans had a good season they have to wonder what the team is going to look like when their best player comes back according to CBS


But that always brings the question of whether fans were better without them or will they improve as the season continues. As seen before this potential improvement brings questions from teams themselves within the franchise and outside. That also affects what the team does on and off the field when it comes to who gets called up from the practice squad and who they might eventually put in the upcoming draft to make that decision of whether to replace them or not. 


This season will look very different because of how many people are injured. As of the date of this report is written, there are 144 injuries and out of those 144, 82 people can’t play through according to ESPN.