29-year-old Dijon Kizzee, Shot and Killed by Police Officers

Emewodesh Eshete

Dijon Kizzee, a black man, was shot 20 times and killed by two officers in Los Angeles, California. 


According to CNN, Kizzee got off his bike and tried to run away from the cops. While he was running, he dropped a bunch of items; one being a gun. The officers proceeded to fire, then shot and killed him right on the spot. 


Madeleline Sipos , a junior at Bishop Montgomery High School, has been actively educating herself on social justice in America.


“Ending someone’s life is just such a drastic measure and there are several things you could do to address a problem,” Sipos said. “It just makes me wonder: ‘how many more people are going to die because of instances like this?”


Kizzee’s death has not only affected her, but other students as well. Carolina Echavarria, a DVC junior, spoke up on Kizzee’s behalf. 


“They’re not someone who gets to decide if someone lives or dies. They’re in a position where you can do something other than shoot someone,” Echavarria said.


She thinks that the police officers shouldn’t have gone to their weapon as the only way to stop him.  Echavarria believed there were a lot of other options those two officers could’ve tried without taking his life. She has known for a while that there have been some issues without law enforcements; she says that “it can’t be right if it was wrong in the first place.”


Former U.S. History teacher and Assistant Principal Andrew Daramola has also spoken openly about how Kizzee’s death is one of the many social justice issues that needs to be changed.


“There are so many good things in America, but also, we just have a legacy, of racial injustice that we have not dealt with and that we need to deal with if we actually want to live up to our dream of what we want to be,” Daramola said.


According to CBS, Dijon Kizzee is still an ongoing investigation that should be completed and made public in a couple of days. 


“How we approach situations that involve law enforcement,” Daramola said, “and other communities that both were there, I think there does have to be a change in terms of how policing happens.”