How Coronavirus Affects Sports

Anthony Gadioma

The coronavirus has made it very difficult to play sports at Da Vinci High School, but not impossible. 

It is no surprise that the coronavirus has been a huge nuisance since early March. Small businesses and restaurants had to close as well as the cancelation of professional sports. 

This past summer, however, professional sports made a return with some modifications. One of the biggest and most successful changes to sports is the NBA bubble in Walt Disney World, Florida. The players and coaches are kept in a safe environment and are not to leave the bubble unless it is urgent. 

Many players have said that it is the safest place to be right now. Although the player is put at risk playing any type of sport, there is no doubt sports can be played with proper precautions. However, not everyone has their own “bubble.”

 The question is not can Da Vinci play sports, but rather how the school decides to play sports while keeping everyone safe. 

“Normally, we would train together, but now our practices are meant for team bonding and talking about our progress. Our coaching is way different because we can’t see our athletes run!,” Assistant Cross Country Coach Steven Covelman said.  

“Normally we would be able to provide coaching tips right at the moment, but we can’t right now,” he said. “To adjust we’re having our runners log their runs and workouts to show us what they have done.” 

The pandemic has not only canceled sports but also made players forfeit their season. Many professional players have opted out of their season due to the coronavirus. Players are doing this to protect their families, many have children and don’t want to put them at risk as well as themselves at risk. Student-athletes who play sports for the school or outside school have done the same thing. 

“Due to injuries, I have never been able to try out for the high school team. This year being my last year I was very excited to try out, but with COVID-19 going around I don’t think I will. I wanna keep my family as well as myself safe during this unfortunate time,” Senior Majed Jesri said when asked if he was going to play sports this year. 

The Coronavirus has affected sports at Da Vinci Schools in more ways than one. Whether it’s with coaching or with players. Things will be different and are going to have to change in order for sports to be played. Although, many alternatives and solutions have been found for Da Vinci schools to have a successful and safe sports season this year.