An Unexpected Senior Year

Andrew Gomez

2020 has been a year to remember and one to forget. One thing that a lot of students won’t forget is how we have to do school online. Doing virtual schooling has been a very hard or very easy transition for some people. For me, school has been more challenging than it was when we were physically in school. 

So far, we have been in school for about a month, and it has been difficult for me mostly because it is online, and it is harder to complete certain activities. Connecting with teachers has been one of the ups of doing online school; I feel like it’s easier to communicate with teachers because this is how I would contact them even when we were normally at school, via email. Now it’s faster since teachers are on their computers or laptops 24/7, they get back to us faster and take more time to give us excellent feedback so we can be more efficient with our work. Still, there are downs as much as there are ups. 

One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with this year is focusing. I feel that trying to concentrate at home is impossible for me, even if I set a school space for myself at home. It’s sporadic for me to focus when I have all my distractions right next to me at my disposal. For example, my only distractions at school are my friends. At home, I have everything. 

Another disadvantage for others like me is simply being at home. It’s been a growing problem for me to wake up on time, but I’ve managed to just be on time for classes. On top, it’s hard to stay motivated and even go to class. It’s always nice to think that I can just sleep in and that is what keeps me unmotivated. 

On the plus side, I like how we can create our own schedule and work at our own pace at home. This can also be a disadvantage for some people because they don’t know how to prioritize. I feel this easier for me because there will be times where I feel very motivated to do work but there are also times when I feel unmotivated, but working at my own pace has really benefited me. 

Regarding other students and their views on online learning, it is also mixed. College students think online college education might give students access to specialized degree courses that wouldn’t be available in an easily accessible way. Then there are people who think it is a waste of time because of how much the tuition is for something they think they could learn online. 

Overall, the online school has its benefits and also its disadvantages. One thing we can learn from this is we should not take school for granted because something like COVID could happen.