Dear Class of 2021

Kevin Lagarde

Seniors, we are about to embark on a journey in a new chapter of life where our decisions will have a full consequence on our future. We are about to leave the nest of our families and go off into the world as educated young adults. All of us have been through a lot of events and upcoming these past four years. Some may say it went by slow while others say otherwise, but these years were not for nothing. We’ve gained a higher education by furthering our problem-solving and critical thinking skills to become the people we are today. 


 We are still not done. We still have much more education to learn and advance in. This time of our lives is so important because this is where our high school roads end. We must all push forwards through any struggles and constraints this year may have brought us to achieve that one very special goal. We all must graduate.


When some seniors make it to their last year of high school they can feel worn out or just done with school. This phenomenon is called ‘senioritis.’ It’s very common for this to happen among seniors at least once over senior year. Matter of fact 88% of people have stated they have experienced senioritis from a group of 25 seniors from our very own school. Commonly, seniors might feel this lack of motivation for school at least once in this last year of school even more so now with distance learning.


It’s important to remind ourselves constantly that this is it. This is the last time we will be in high school. We will never get this time back in our lives and we have to cherish it. We do have large workloads that do seem to never stop and we do have tests, quick checks, and due dates always in our face, but we can’t let that overwhelm us. If we do we will lose that motivation very quickly and before you know it you’re not engaged at all. explains senioritis as, “All there is to do is wait for graduation to come. His grades may drop and he slacks off in his extracurricular activities as well. It’s like watching a marathon runner lose steam just as he nears the finish line.”


These tendencies can happen to any of us at any time. Lack of motivation is probably the key factor of senioritis. But what makes seniors unmotivated? 


Well, I asked Jordan Pruit a senior from our 2021 graduating class she said, “The amount of work that we get. I feel some of the work is unnecessary.” 


This is the main way seniors lose that motivation senior year. Jordyn isn’t the only one who loses motivation this way either.


 Another 2021 graduate, Perris Mykel, stated, “I have felt this way since junior year. The amount of work they give us at certain times just drains all my motivation for school. Times now a day doesn’t help either.”


The workload is a common reason why seniors lose that motivation for school. The amount of work won’t change and there’s nothing we can do about it so we need to find ways to cope because it isn’t going to get any easier once we go to college.


Senioritis is just a mindset. You have no control over the things around you like the amount of work we get, but the one thing we all have complete control over is our minds. If we can train our brain then we can get out of this mindset. It’s easier said than done but you have to have some sort of determination, discipline, and will to get what you have to get done completely. We all have it deep inside us. It’s just about obtaining it and pushing yourself even when you don’t want to be pushed.


We all may get these feelings and have those days where we are not motivated and that’s ok. What’s unacceptable is letting yourself stay there. Not trying or giving effort and giving up can’t happen. At the end of the day we still have to get our work done and there is no way around that. 


Another factor that doesn’t help is COVID-19. This virus has shocked the entire world and formed this new different world we live in. Now we distance and learn and communicate with each other from our houses on zoom every day. I know everyone has felt the effects of this virus. The important thing to remember is that we have all experienced the effect of the virus and we all are in this together.


The virus has increased the senioritis or lack of motivation as well. I conducted a poll to see what were the main causes of lack of motivation. The number one response was because of distance learning. 


I asked Dejah Pope to elaborate on her response and she explained, “ It’s hard to stay connected and engaged. Everything is through the screen and it’s hard to have interests and be motivated in school when it doesn’t feel like I’m in school.” 


However, she did explain that she doesn’t always feel like she has a lack of motivation; it’s only sometimes. This is also a common trend among the senior class.


In that same survey another question was how many times throughout the week do you feel a significant lack of motivation. These answers ranged. Some people responded once a week. Others responded 2-3 times a week. But over 54% said that every time they are in class they have no motivation at all. This is insane that over half the people who responded said every class. There needs to be a way to limit these feelings only a couple of times. We can let ourselves feel bad but we must be able to pull ourselves out and strive for greatness.


We are all so close to the finish line. We’re about to start applying to colleges so we must find that motivation to get through that at least. The college application process is so important because this is where we are planning the rest of our lives. The next step into college and finding our major and passion all just prepares us for the real world and life after school in general. We can’t lose our motivation through this process because it’s so crucial.


I understand the times we are in now and how this adds on top of everything else. But like I said you can only control your mind. Nothing else is in your power so complaining and focusing on the virus is a waste of energy you could use for school work. If you focused all your energy on completing your assignments a couple of days before they are due and just get your stuff done, the workload will seem so much lighter. But we procrastinate and say I’m going to do it later than before you know it. We have 5 things due at the same time. 


We have no one to blame but ourselves. We need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and emotions. Take time to reflect on yourself. What have you been doing that good and keeping you motivated and what are the things you could be doing better and what causes that lack of motivation for you. Understanding these things will give you a place to start with gaining back the energy and motivation for school. But as the old saying goes, you can bring a horse to water but can’t make it drink. You have to put in the work and you have to do something other than complain and excuses for your feelings.


It’s ok for everyone to feel down every once in a while. Reflect and meditate while thinking of what you have to do better. Everyone could be doing something to better themselves every day, but you have to be able to acknowledge those things and be able to pick yourself up and be able to keep on pushing. 


We are almost there for the class of 2021. We must find it in ourselves to keep pushing through the adversities we face. We can do it and if you have a friend or know a person who feels down or not motivated lift them up. Support those around you and push them to be the best sleeve so they can be as well because we are all in this together.